Binance opens 2,000 jobs, announces CEO

Binance, a recognized cryptocurrency exchange, has 2,000 new job openings. The announcement was made by Chief Executive Changpeng Zhao via his Twitter account. The offer comes at a time of staff cuts at other exchanges such as Coinbase.

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The company’s selection process has four stages, which are the analysis of the application, interview, offer and integration into the team. Interested candidates can check out available positions on Binance’s careers website.

Binance opens new vacancies

Binance offers competitive salary, even with the option to pay in cryptocurrencies. In addition, it also has other benefits, such as health insurance, flexible working hours (which can also be remote) and company-sponsored holidays.

Binance employees will also take advantage of the incentive to study constantly, with free language classes and the possibility of transfers international.

Anyone who wants to apply for a job on Binance can search for opportunities on the careers website itself. The search is by filters, so it is possible to choose between the country, for example, as well as the desired position. By having several options for remote employment, people from any corner of the world can participate in the selection process.

The opening of jobs on Binance comes at a delicate time. Cryptocurrency market investors are selling off risky assets for fear that rising inflation will force the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Just to give you an idea, the exchange Coinbase announced the cut of 1,100 jobs.

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