Blood found on boat of suspect for killing Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips is from a man, says PF | amazon

According to the Federal Police, despite the finding, comparing it with the reference genetic profiles of the disappeared, the National Institute of Criminalistics excluded the possibility that this trace came from Dom Phillips.

The possibility that it originated from Bruno remained inconclusive, requiring additional tests, according to the Federal Police.

Traces of blood were found on the speedboat used by Amarildo, the arrested suspect, on June 9. The material was sent to undergo forensic examination in Brasilia.

Amarildo confessed to the police the murder of Bruno and Dom in testimony. On Wednesday (15), he, who is one of the suspects in the case, pointed out the place where the victims’ vessel was sunk. The police went to the scene, but did not find her.

The vessel used by indigenist Bruno and English journalist Dom Phillips, killed in Atalaia do Norte, in Amazonas, was not located during the first hours of searches, this Thursday (16).

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Police investigate five suspects

Federal Police have expanded investigations into the murder of indigenist Bruno Pereira and English journalist Dom Phillips. Sources informed the GloboNews This Thursday (16) the corporation investigates the participation of five suspects in the case.

The information collected so far indicates:

  • three suspects of direct involvement in the death of Bruno and Phillips;
  • an alleged person involved in the attempt to hide the mortal remains, already collected by the PF, which may belong to the journalist and the indigenist;
  • and a possible principal.

The mortal remains found buried in the place indicated by Amarildo were sent for expertise in Brasília. Once the identifications are confirmed, they will be delivered to the respective families of the victims. The plane with the mortal remains arrived in Brasília on Thursday night (16).

'Human remnants' are found during searches by indigenist and journalist in AM

‘Human remnants’ are found during searches by indigenist and journalist in AM

In addition to Amarildo, his brother, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, known as “Dos Santos” is also in prison, but, according to the PF, he has not confessed to his involvement in the case. The participation in the crime of a third person, cited by Amarildo, is being investigated and new arrests are not ruled out.

According to the PF superintendent, the investigations continue in secrecy and it is still not possible to say the motive for the crime.

Disappearance of journalist and indigenist in AM: image shows Amarildo arrested — Photo: Reproduction

He also stated that Amarildo, in his testimony, reported that he killed the two with gunshots, but that only the forensics will be able to confirm the cause of death.

See locations of the main events of the disappearance of indigenist and journalist in AM. — Photo: Art/g1

Also according to the PF, Amarildo made the confession on Tuesday night (14), when he narrated the crime in detail. During Wednesday (15), he was taken to the place where he buried the bodies. He also indicated where the boat that was used by Bruno and Dom sank, but the police could not find it there.

The remains were found about 3.1 km away from where personal items of the indigenist and the journalist, such as a health card and notebook, had been found days ago.

“We wouldn’t be able to get there quickly without the confession,” said the superintendent.

According to the Civil Police chief, Guilherme Torres, the teams walked along the river for about 1:40 hours and then walked another 25 minutes in an area of ​​difficult-to-reach woods to where the bodies had been buried. A reenactment of the crime was carried out at the scene, with the authorization of the Justice.

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