Bolsonarista actress vetoed from soap opera says Globo is “den of homosexuals and pedophiles”

Maria Vieira
Maria Vieira again caused controversy (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

After denouncing that she was vetoed from Crossing – next soap opera from 21:00 a.m. Globe – because of its political stance, Maria Vieira surprised with controversial comments against the carioca broadcaster and its professionals.

In the same post in which she revealed the whole situation she faced, the Portuguese actress replied to some messages from followers who, for example, criticized the Brazilian channel.

One netizen said: “Globo is a den of PT supporters”. The artist then reacted: “[Antro] of PT, globalists, homosexuals and pedophiles!”.

Another follower was even more critical in his positioning: “This is Rede Globosta de TV. I always say and repeat: Reality is always much worse than what we paint. They don’t like upright, dignified, honorable people.”. Maria Vieira agreed.

“We live in a camouflaged dictatorship!!”, pointed out a third internet user. The actress agreed: “Completely! We live today in a dictatorship of the Left disguised as democracy!”.

Actress says she was cut from Travessia, from Globo, for being a bolsonarista

In a post, she stressed that she was “once again the target of persecution, discrimination and cancellation by the system that regulates and dominates the hiring carried out on television and in the artistic world”.

Mara Vieira then stated that she was called, at the beginning of last month, by a Globo producer to join the cast of the Glória Perez plot, which will be directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho. The plot will have a lot of filming in cities in Portugal and, therefore, would have the participation of the famous.

The actress said that she immediately accepted the invitation “because the project seemed interesting to me”: “Because I have great admiration for Mauro Mendonça and Gloria Perez and because as everyone knows I love Brazil and I love living and working there, as I did regularly between 2008 and 2018″.

She then detailed a bit of the process so that she could work in Brazil, but then she ended up having no contact with that producer. Then she found out that she was cut.

Still in the long text, Vieira began to suspect that she had been cut: “I don’t know who, at Globo, decided to prevent me from being hired. I don’t know if SIC, when it learned of the interest of the Brazilian broadcaster, tried to stop it, as it has done in the past”.

Maria then declared that one of her suspicions for this to have happened is the fact that she is a supporter of Right-wing politicians.

“The fact that I am a conservative and right-wing actress and that I am a supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro and a municipal deputy for CHEGA [um partido político português] would have been the only reason why I was removed from the cast of what would be my 4th soap opera on TV Globo!”, completed.

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