Bolsonaro heeded US alert to veto free luggage on flights

President Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) veto of free baggage handling in aviation responded, in addition to the appeal of Brazilian airlines, to an alert from the American government addressed to Itamaraty.

The US Embassy has warned the Brazilian government of a “potential conflict” between the gratuity, approved by Congress and vetoed this week by Bolsonaro, and the United States-Brazil Air Transport Agreement, in effect since May 2018.

In a document obtained by the report, signed on May 6, days after the Chamber approved the initiative, American diplomacy drew attention to the agreement between the two countries and pointed out that, if applied to American companies, the free dispatch would limit the capacity companies to price transport between the US and Brazil as provided for in the pact.

The document was presented by the technical wing of the government as one of the arguments to defend the veto of free dispatch.

“In particular, the United States government is interested in whether the article would be incompatible with article 12 of the Agreement, if applied to US airlines serving the Brazil-United States air transport market,” said the Embassy.

According to the text approved in Congress and vetoed by Bolsonaro, companies could not charge any fee for luggage weighing up to 23 kg on domestic flights and weighing no more than 30 kg on international flights.

The US government’s concern with the issue was reinforced in a letter sent to Brazil by the US Department of Transportation, when the matter was already on Bolsonaro’s table. The agency showed that it had “serious concerns” with the initiative. “Brazil would be acting in violation of its obligations to the United States.”


The agreement was signed in March 2011, under Dilma Rousseff’s government, and entered into force in May 2018, under Michel Temer, after approval by Congress.

The forecast of charging for baggage has existed since 2017, when it was regulated by Anac.

Last June 15th, the Official Diary of the Union published the veto on the return of free dispatch. Lawmakers can still override the veto.

The information is from the newspaper. The State of São Paulo.

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