Bolsonaro reduces tax for electronic games

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) today announced a new tax cut on imports of video games and related accessories. This is the fourth time that Bolsonaro has reduced rates in this specific sector.

The tax rate on imports of parts and accessories for consoles and video game machines will decrease from 16% to 12%. As for video games with built-in screens (portable or not) and their parts, the reduction will be from 16% to 0%.

The measure takes effect on July 1 of this year.

In August, Bolsonaro authorized a reduction in IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products) rates with the justification that the measure would encourage “the development of the electronic game segment in the country – the fastest growing branch of the entertainment sector in the world”.

At the time, Bolsonaro reduced IPI rates from 30% to 20% for video game consoles and machines.

For accessories of consoles and video game machines whose images are reproduced on a screen, the rate was from 22% to 12%. The tax for video game machines with an embedded screen, up from 6%, has been zeroed.

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