Bolsonaro sanctions MP that creates health plan for federal police

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) sanctioned, this Wednesday (15), an MP (provisional measure) that creates a health insurance system for federal police officers, a category that helped elect him in 2018.

The measure is an attempt created by the president to circumvent the non-fulfillment of the promise of salary readjustments to federal public safety professionals.

According to the text of the provisional measure, resources from the Fund for the Equipment and Operationalization of End-Activities of the Federal Police (Funapol) will be used to finance the health plan and the payment of compensation for time of availability to federal police, the so-called on-call. The text had been approved by the National Congress at the end of May.

The measure also allows Funapol’s resources to be used for the cost of transport, accommodation and food for servers in missions and operations of an official nature and values ​​of an indemnity nature, in addition to the payment of health expenses.

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“We are correcting a historic error in the PF. Today, we make it possible for the police to be on call. We also create the possibility for the PF to provide a health plan for its servers. This is extremely important and fair”, said the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anderson Torres, during a speech at Palácio do Planalto, after the text was sanctioned.

The approved proposal authorizes the use of up to 50% of Funapol’s resources, also including expenses with compensation. Initially, the MP sent by the government provided for the use of up to 30% for the payment of health expenses and travel costs for civil servants, but the percentage was increased during the legislative process.

When editing the measure, the federal government argued that the proposal does not entail the creation or increase of public expenditures, nor the granting of any salary increase for civil servants. The text only expands the possibilities of using the resources that already exist in the background. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security will establish the limits and conditions, according to budget availability.

With information from Agência Brasil

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