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Nobody expected it to be so easy. Of the challenges of the week, Holland presented itself as the simplest, it’s true. But on Thursday night, Brazil went further. With authority, he gave no chance for surprises and imposed himself with authority over rivals in the Nilson Nelson gymnasium. In 3 sets to 0, partial 25/16, 25/15 and 25/23, showed strength to reach the fifth victory in the League of Nations.

With the two victories in Brasilia so far, Brazil has risen to second place in the League of Nations. In total, there are five victories and only one defeat. Brazil is off this Friday. The selection returns to the court of the Nilson Nelson gym next Saturday. Zé Roberto’s team faces Italy, at 3 pm, with sportv2 broadcast and real-time coverage of the ge.

Best moments: Netherlands 0 x 3 Brazil for the Women's Volleyball Nations League

Best moments: Netherlands 0 x 3 Brazil for the Women’s Volleyball Nations League

Team celebrates point against Holland — Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

The selection even suffered a bit in the third set. More by their own carelessness than by the strength of rivals. In a quiet game, some highlights. Pri Daroit, Gabi and Kisy closed the game with 13 points each. The opposite still excelled in blocking, with four in total – Diana, another standout, scored three.

1st set – Brazil dominates and takes the lead

Pri Daroit rose firmly on the counterattack and scored the team’s first point. The home team did not take long to fire. In the stretch of arm of Gabi, Brazil scored 8/2 in the account. On the other side, Avital Selinger, Dutch coach, soon stopped the game. Did not work. In another pass error, Gabi took advantage of the net to score 10/2.

The Netherlands even threatened to react. By force, he tried to reduce the distance on the scoreboard. Brazil, however, stood firm. After Macris destabilized the Dutch pass with a second touch near the net, the home team opened 18/9 in yet another rival error. It didn’t take long to close: in a blow from Ana Cristina, who had entered the inversion with Roberta, end of story on 25/16.

2nd set – Brazil shoots and expands

Holland returned more connected to the court. He wanted, who knows, to start a reaction against the housewives. They started ahead, but without opening the gap. In two consecutive points of Gabi, almost identical, Brazil scored 4/2 on the scoreboard. The difference steadily increased. On an ace, Kisy brought the bill to 9/5. Shortly after, Gabi flew to score 12/5 before the technical stoppage.

Kisy attacks against the Netherlands block – Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

The selection came to score 15/7. But for a moment, Brazil stopped. The selection lined up a series of individual errors, and the gap dropped to five points. It was just a lapse. It didn’t take long for everything to get back to normal. In yet another Dutch mistake, the hosts opened 10/18. Faced with the ease of the game, Zé Roberto gave space to names like Lorena and Júlia Kudiess, who came in to serve. Holland tried to react, but stopped in the attack of Pri Daroit: 25/15.

3rd set – Brazil suffers a little more, but settles the bill

Once again, Holland wanted to toughen the lives of the housewives. But even in the balance of the beginning of the third set, the selection remained firm. In another mistake by the Dutch, the selection reached 7/5 on the scoreboard. The team even opened 9/12 before the technical stoppage, but Holland managed to react. In an attack error by Brazil, they opened 14/13.

Zé, at that point, was worried, but kept the team. The reaction didn’t take long. In the rivals’ uncalibrated hand, he turned the score around once again. The Dutch tried to keep the pace in their best half of the game. So much so that they took the lead and opened 21/19. Zé stopped the game again and tried to hit the house to avoid a new set. He got it right. The selection returned to the front on the scoreboard and with authority. There was still time for Zé to send Rosamaria, who is still recovering from an injury, to the court to serve. The victory came next: 25/23.

Brazil celebrates a point against the Netherlands in the League of Nations — Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

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