Brazilian model denounces surgical violence in Turkey; strong images

Brazilian model denounces surgical violence in Turkey;  strong images

Brazilian model denounces surgical violence in Turkey; strong images

the brazilian model Jennifer Pamplona used his social networks to denounce that he had been a victim of surgical violence in Istanbul, Turkey. With a series of photos with bruises, cuts and swelling on her face, which would have been caused by the surgical interventions, she used the web to denounce that she was a victim of abuse.

“Now that I don’t really care what people think, the truth always has to be told. A few days ago, my life became a nightmare I never imagined living. I was mistreated in the hospital where I had the surgery, I was mistreated by the doctor. I had problems after the surgery, which almost led to my death. I begged for the pain medicine and for them to come clean me up,” began Jennifer, who shared several snaps of her face.

“I had a pool of blood on the left side that took me to anesthesia twice in less than 7 days, they were all very thick and the mistreatment was terrible. He took a knife and kept trying to get the blood and I was screaming a lot. I just wanted to go through a procedure, recover and get back to my routine,” he added.

“There was a pool of blood at the doctor, who took a knife while trying to cut my face to get the blood out without anesthesia. I just wanted the surgery to end, I wanted to get back to my routine, but it became a nightmare I never imagined living in my life.”

“There were many days of struggle to keep myself alive, with my entire face getting infected. And what I got from people claiming to be my friends, judgments, the famous fake people ticks that stuck to me after fame. I free myself when I speak the truth,” she added.

“He took my blood and then put it inside me again without informing me, so thick it punctured my vein very hard. I lived a nightmare. That’s why I say: search a thousand times before any procedure”, warned Jennifer.

“They didn’t clean me or help me eat. I asked for help several times, I cried for morphine, because I could only handle the pain with morphine”, still reported the model, who even criticized the excess of plastic surgeries, which she herself has resorted to over the years.

“My face almost died. I had no assistance and I had an infection. I fought for life alone. I appeal to women: forget all that Kardashians shit, they do these procedures and don’t show it. They lie all the time and pretend to have a perfect life. Life is not perfect.”

Jennifer still received support from fans, exposing some of the messages she received on the web. “Oh my princess, I can’t believe it. Wow, I’m very sad, but I have faith that everything will be okay. You know you have a friend here you can always count on me. I will be in prayer for you. It’s the least I can do, but I’m sure God is close to you and will restore your strength, don’t lose faith, don’t despair so you don’t have a relapse of panic and anxiety “, wrote a follower.

A follower even said that her husband went through a similar drama. “This happened to my husband in Canada. He was mistreated by two nurses, he almost lost his arm. Exactly the same case: he had a pool of blood in his arm, extremely painful, this pooled blood could damage his nerves and lose his movements. You could also have lost your movement if the blood damaged your facial nerves. So sad that these things happen,” she reported.

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