Bruno Henrique suffers serious knee injury; if Flamengo opts for surgery, striker no longer plays in 2022 | Flamengo

As the strong image already suggested during Flamengo’s victory over Cuiabá, Bruno Henrique’s problem is serious. The 31-year-old forward suffered a multi-ligament injury to his right knee. In a statement, the club said that will define next week whether there will be a need for surgery or not.

As the place is very inflamed and the athlete complains of a lot of pain, Flamengo will wait for new exams to take the decision. The club’s medical department works with two scenarios. If the treatment is conservative, the return forecast is three to four months. If you opt for surgery, the recovery time is estimated to be between eight to 10 months.

Also substituted in the first half of the duel with Cuiabá due to a medical problem, David Luiz was diagnosed with edema in the posterior muscle of the right thigh. Check out the press release Flamengo:

“The athlete Bruno Henrique underwent an image exam that found a multi-ligament injury in the right knee. Due to the intense joint effusion and recent inflammatory process, the attacker will undergo a new exam next week to define whether the treatment will be surgical or conservative. athlete David Luiz was diagnosed with edema in the posterior muscle of the right thigh. The two started treatment, this Thursday (16), at CT Ninho do Urubu”.

Moments before the club released the diagnosis, Bruno Henrique made a religious post with an image alluding to the injury suffered:

“Dear God. In your hands I place my worries, cares and problems. In your wisdom I place my paths, my directions and my goals. In your love I place my life!”

Bruno Henrique suffered a serious injury during Flamengo x Cuiabá – Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

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