Buy a sneaker and earn enough points to travel to the Pantanal

Have you ever thought about meeting the wetland? The largest floodplain on the planet is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a dream of many people. Did you know that buying a sneaker can earn you enough miles to get to know it? This is another opportunity that we will show you here!

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Mechanics of promotions

To take advantage of this offer, we are going to combine two different promotions: the Buy & Score from Livelo with Centauro and the bonus transfer of points from Livelo to Smiles.

1. Buy & Score – Livelo and Centauro (promotion currently in effect)

Compre&Pontue is a purchase method in which it is possible to accumulate extra points for every real or dollar spent. Livelo regularly offers bonus accruals, such as the current promotion that offers 6 Livelo points per dollar spent on Centauro.

2. Bonus transfer – Livelo and Smiles (there is no current promotion)

We call bonus transfer operations in which it is possible to earn a bonus by sending points between two loyalty programs, such as Livelo and Smiles, maximizing the use of our points. See below Livelo’s bonus history for Smiles in the last four months:

Examples of purchase

For our simulation, we are going to show you two purchase examples that you can purchase until Sunday (17) and earn enough points to travel. In the examples, we use male models, but both products are available in the female model.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 11S sneakers

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 11S Sneaker is Mizuno’s newest release, for R$1,599.99. Payment can also be made in 12 installments of R$ 133.33. With centauro offering 6 points per dollar spent, you can accumulate 9,599 Livelo points on that purchase!

On Brazil Running Cloudflow Tennis

The On Brazil Running Cloudflow Tennis is another launch available at Centauro, priced at R$849.99. Payment can also be made in 12 installments of R$70.83 and you accumulate 5,099 Livelo points on this purchase!

In both cases, points will be credited within 45 days of receiving the order.

example of tickets

Livelo has partnerships with several national and international airline loyalty programs. One of them is the smilesthe program we are going to use in the example below.

In our research, we found the price of 6,000 miles on the stretch from São Paulo (CGH) to Campo Grande (CGR) for Clube Smiles customers or Diamond members. The example below is for December 30th and may be an option for a different New Year.

For the return, we find the inverse section with the same pricing. That is, round trip for 12,000 miles.

Please note that if you are not a Smiles Club or Diamond customer, the cost of the ticket for the round trip will be 14,000 miles – which is still an excellent price.

Also keep in mind that Smiles adopts dynamic pricing, that is, these values ​​may change. However, we find many dates in the months of October, November and December at this rate. Our surveys were carried out on the 13th and 14th of June.

transferring Livelo points for Smiles

As we explained at the beginning of the post, with bonus transfers we can maximize the use of our points and miles. Now, let’s show in practice how this happens.

Let’s consider that, by accumulating 6 points for each real spent on the Centauro website, according to the current campaign until next Sunday (17), we will earn the following balance* on Livelo:

  • 9,599 Livelo points with the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 11S sneaker;
  • 5,099 Livelo points with the On Brazil Running Cloudflow sneaker.

As soon as the points are credited, we need to wait for a transfer promotion between Livelo and Smiles, like the one that ended yesterday (14th). For our example, we need at least 50% bonus on a possible transfer promotion.

Considering a minimum bonus of 50% when sending Livelo points to Smiles, we will have the following balance in the GOL program:

  • 14,398 Smiles miles earning a 50% bonus with the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 11S sneaker;
  • 7,648 Smiles miles earning 50% bonus with the On Brazil Running Cloudflow sneaker.

With this, we will have enough miles for a round trip or return trip (depending on the product you choose). It is worth mentioning that bonus transfers between Livelo and Smiles are frequent and 50% is a low bonus. Chances are you can get generous bonuses that can reach up to 100%.

*According to the campaign regulations, points will be credited within 45 days after receiving the order.

Using Viaje Fácil to secure your ticket

If you decide to issue this ticket, keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for the entire crediting process of the purchase points and subsequent transfer to guarantee the ticket. Smiles offers a solution for program members who do not currently have miles: Viaje Fácil.

With it, it is possible to issue a ticket without having the balance of miles in the account up to 330 days in advance and you will have up to 60 days before the date of departure to pay it off. For our redemption example, we would have until mid-October to accumulate the necessary miles.

Click here to learn more about Viaje Fácil.

comparing costs

And a ‘paying ticket’ to Campo Grande? We searched for the same dates and segments on the GOL website to find out the cost of this issue. See the price per flight below:

Adding the cost of the one-way flight with the return flight, we find the value of R$3,301.10 – more than double the price of our highest-value sneaker example:

Things to do in Mato Grosso do Sul

The Pantanal in Mato Grosso do Sul

LLocated in the Center-West region, the Pantanal is the largest floodplain on the planet. It is home to incredible biodiversity, with a rich combination of fauna and flora. There you can find animals such as jaguars, capybaras and alligators.

In Mato Grosso do Sul, you can access it through the cities Aquidauana, Anastácio, Corumbá, Ladário and Miranda. From the capital Campo Grande, the closest city is Aquidauana, which is about 139km from the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. It is possible to go on a safari and see all this natural beauty up close!


Another well-known destination in Mato Grosso do Sul is the municipality of Bonito. It is located about 300 km from Campo Grande and its main attractions are exuberant natural landscapes and crystal clear rivers.


This is another example of how we can optimize our personal spending by earning a lot of points! On Centauro’s website you can find a wide variety of products, such as clothes, shoes and sports items, such as racket for beach tennis! If you are not interested in purchasing a sneaker today, you can use the same reasoning in this article to buy any other product!

And don’t forget Viaje Fácil, a tool that allows you to book a ticket and decide to pay it off at a date closer to the trip. In other words, you don’t have to wait for the Livelo points to be credited from the purchase of the shoe to take advantage of this issue.

Did you like the tip? How would you take advantage of this offer? Share with us in the comments!

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