Can I be tracked by my cell phone’s Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a tool that seems to work like magic, isn’t it? After all, transferring files or listening to music without using cables is something that seems to be very difficult to understand. That resource, according to researchers at the University of California, also allows our cell phones to be tracked by other people. Curious to know if Is it possible to be tracked by the cell phone’s Bluetooth? See now.

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What do scientists say on the subject?

According to the researchers, Bluetooth communication, due to an error, carries a unique fingerprint. That’s because all chips, during the manufacturing process, developed a small imperfection, which makes each one of them unique. Thus, it is possible to identify them through this sign, even if they were produced in scale.

Fortunately, it’s not like the owners of the devices can be tracked at all times, at least not from a distance. For that, it is necessary to be close to the target, which makes the “tracking” kind of meaningless, right? However, this range may depend on the type of chip, hardware and the Bluetooth communication potential of each of the devices used.

In addition, a certain level of expertise with technology is required, as it is not such a simple process to do. The researchers themselves make it clear that despite not being an expensive task, it is something that counts much more on luck than the technological knowledge of the attacker.

How to track Bluetooth?

If you are still curious and want to take this test, know that the task can be quite complicated. For the process to be done, it is necessary to isolate the signal from the target device, which will allow you to find this fingerprint. Then a receiver must be in some location where the cell phone tends to be used. If combined with a friend, it’s simpler, but it’s almost impossible to perform the feat with someone random.

In fact, the more the Bluetooth device transmits, the more likely the attacker will pick up a transmission when a user or target passes by.

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