Carrefour Group’s conversion plan foresees new Atacadão in place of Maxxi Atacado

The Carrefour Group acquired the Big Brasil group at the end of May. The acquisition made two of the largest wholesalers in Franca, Atacadão and Maxxi Atacado, become part of the same group. And, with the creation of a conversion plan for the Carrefour and Big groups, everything points to Franca having two stores in the Atacadão chain, separated by only 600 meters.

The plan was presented last Monday, 13th, by members of the Carrefour Brasil group to investors. As stated in it, all 38 Maxxi Atacado units, previously belonging to the Big Brasil group, will become stores of the Atacadão chain, which is part of Carrefour.

Of these 38 Maxxi stores, one is in Franca, located on Avenida Antônio Barbosa Filho. If the conversion takes place, the unit will be at a distance of 600 meters from, so far, the only Atacadão de Franca store, located on Avenida Rio Negro.

According to the conversion plan, the transformation of Maxxi Atacado is expected to start soon, without closing the unit during the conversion work. The plan is that by June of next year Franca will already have the second Atacadão unit.

The Carrefour group was questioned by the GCN Portal about the short distance between the units and whether this may affect planning in the city. According to the group’s press office, the plan presents “macro information regarding the process of converting BIG stores into Carrefour”, with no regional details on the subject.

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