Cemig (CMIG4) and Tim (TIMS3) approve JCP; Eneva (ENEV3) will make stock offering and more news

This Friday’s (17th) corporate news highlights the payment of interest on equity by Cemig (CMIG4), Tim (TIMS3) and Neonerggia (NEOE3).

Eneva’s board of directors (ENEV3) approved a restricted share offering.

The CPP fund increased its stake in the share capital of brMalls (BRML3).

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Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) announced that Grepar Participações, with whom it signed a contract for the sale of the Lubrificantes e Derivados de Petróleo do Nordeste (LUBNOR) refinery and its associated logistics assets, sent a notification informing the change in its corporate structure.

The corporate change will take place through the definitive assignment of all the shares of the capital of Grepar held by Holding GV Participações SA to the company Greca Distribuidora de Asfaltos Ltda., which will assume all rights and obligations of Holding GV Participações SA established in the contract to the sale of LUBNOR entered into with Petrobras.

As a result, Grecor Investimentos em Participações Societárias will maintain its 50% interest and Greca Distribuidora de Asfaltos will hold the other 50% of Grepar’s share capital.

Fuel readjustment

Still on Petrobras, the state-owned company’s board of directors held an emergency meeting this Thursday. The meeting served to reaffirm that the fuel readjustment is the responsibility of the executive board, which may announce a price increase this Friday. The value of the discharge was not informed to the directors.

Cemig’s board of directors approved the payment of interest on equity (JCP), in the amount of R$353 million, corresponding to R$0.1604 per share. The shares will be traded ex-rights on the 27th.

The operator’s board of directors approved the distribution of interest on equity (JCP), in the amount of R$ 270 million, at R$ 0.111 per share. Payment will be made on July 20th.

Neoenergia (NEOE3)

Neoenergia (NEOE3) will pay a total amount of R$167.1 million, corresponding to R$0.1376968479 per common share. Payment will be made by December 28, 2022, based on the July 5, 2022 shareholding position.

CSU (CARD3) informed that it will pay a total amount of R$ 5.2 million in interest on equity (JCP). The amount to be paid will be R$ 0.126378762 and will have the base date of June 21 of this year. Earnings will be credited on January 16, 2023.

Eneva approved a restricted offer that will consist of the primary public distribution of 300,000,000 new shares issued by the company.

The Board of Directors approved the start of the search for a new Chief Executive Officer, in response to a request from its controlling shareholder, as per Official Letter received on June 16, 2022.

Tavares de Castro, current Chief Executive Officer, will remain in office until a successor is appointed.

Celesc approved the distribution of interest on equity in the amount of R$41.8 million, at the rate of R$1.02498794722 per common share and R$1.12748674194 per preferred share.

Holders of shares issued by the company on June 30, 2022 will be entitled to Interest on Equity, with the company’s shares being traded “ex-interest on equity” as of July 1, 2022.

Commercial Log (LOGG3)

The company’s board approved the issuance of debentures in the amount of R$ 400 million.

Inter Bank (BIDI11)

Banco Inter (BIDI11) defined, within its restructuring process, the final amount to be paid to shareholders who opted for the Cash-Out Option, which is R$39.18, considering the amount of R$38.70, corresponding to the economic value per preferred or common share issued by Inter established under the Cash-Out Report, updated according to the variation of the DI rate calculated between the date of the Reorganization AGE, May 12, 2022, and the effective date Cash-Out payment on June 20th.

PetroRecôncavo (RECV3)

PetroRecôncavo (RECV3) entered into an agreement for the supply of natural gas of an interruptible nature, without a firm supply commitment to Companhia de Gás da Bahia – Bahiagás. In the interruptible contract modality, the supply and withdrawal commitments are only established by prior agreement between the parties, with demand on the part of the buyer and availability on the part of the seller.

The gas price of the aforementioned contract will be constituted by the sum of the transfer of the transport cost (Transport Portion) with the Molecule Portion, the latter being a percentage of the Brent Oil price, which may be reviewed quarterly, by mutual agreement between the parts.

Eletrobras (ELET3;ELET6)

S&P reaffirmed Eletrobras’ BB- rating, with a stable outlook, after the company’s privatization.

The Canada Pension Plan Investment fund increased its stake in brMalls to 11.16%.

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