Check out what you get by informing the CPF on the purchase receipt

Do you usually ask to put the CPF number on the invoice after purchase? Many Brazilian states adopt this measure to offer some advantages to taxpayers. However, the reasons behind this practice remain a real mystery to many people.

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Understand what it means and whether or not it is worth informing the CPF on the note during a supermarket purchase or at any other commercial establishment.

What is the use of adding the CPF in the invoice?

The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF) is the personal and individual identification of each Brazilian. Therefore, informing the CPF in the invoice is a way to allow the identification of customers for that particular purchase. When this happens, the reason is usually to obtain some kind of tax advantage through state government programs.

In São Paulo and some other states, by informing the CPF on the invoice, the state is able to better control the tax taxation of trade. This is done through the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS).

To encourage consumers to adopt the practice, the government offers some programs that provide value to taxpayers. Thus, it would be as if a percentage of the tax collection returned to the consumer. There may be other advantages as well.

More advantages in informing the CPF in the note

1 – Discounts

In both São Paulo and Rondônia, residents can inform their CPF at the time of purchase to obtain discounts. The amounts can be deducted, for example, when paying the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA). There are states that use the same strategy for the Urban Territorial Property Tax (IPTU).

2 – Withdrawals

As previously informed, there is also the possibility of redeeming a percentage of the amount spent on the purchase whose CPF was informed.

3 – Awards

By adding the CPF to the invoice, the taxpayer can compete for monthly prizes drawn by the Lottery. The amounts range between R$ 5 thousand and R$ 1 million.

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