Christmas stations increase the price of a liter of gasoline to up to R$ 7.99 | large northern river

The price of a liter of ordinary gasoline in Natal reached R$ 7.99 at some gas stations, on the morning of this Thursday (16), a Corpus Christi holiday.

The sudden increase surprised drivers in the capital, as Petrobras did not announce a readjustment in the price of fuel at refineries.

“I’ll leave it to fill up in Tangará. It was already expensive to fill the tank in Natal, so now it’s completely unfeasible”, says engineer Caio Silva, who is going to take advantage of the holiday to travel to the interior of the state.

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The most recent survey by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), ended last Saturday (11), pointed to an average price of R$ 7.40 for regular gasoline, in Rio Grande do Norte – a value R$ 0.49 cheaper than the one found this Thursday morning (16). During the research, the highest price found in the capital of Potiguar was R$ 7.57.

The price change took place from the night of this Wednesday (15). Before, it was possible to find a liter of regular gasoline for up to R$ 6.99. At the posts, the managers did not want to comment on the prices found this Thursday (16).

For economist Breno Hoos, establishments try to anticipate possible increases by the refinery or distributor of the product. He points out that international oil price transfers continue to be responsible for the high prices practiced in the sector.

“Transfers can continue to happen, due to not touching the root of the problem, which is this pricing policy with frequent transfers from the international scenario, to the domestic price”, he explains.

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