Christmas ‘Zé Gotão’ goes viral in vaccination campaign; know who it is

Natasha Werneck – State of Minas

posted on 06/16/2022 16:21 / updated 06/16/2022 16:22

  (Credit: Playback/Instagram)

(Credit: Playback/Instagram)

A vaccination campaign in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, went viral on social media. A pumped-up version of “Zé Gotinha” stole the show and drew the public’s attention for his buff body. Soon, he earned the nickname “Zé Gotão” and netizens discovered the identity of the man under the costume.

His name is Ednaldo Santos, a dental surgeon and physical educator who also works as “Zé Gotão” at the Vista Verde Family Health Unit in Natal. “I’ve always enjoyed working with the public and made the puppet’s head. I had already participated in the campaign last year and it resonated a lot too, but not the same now”, he said in an interview with Splash.

He said he didn’t expect a big impact. “It’s really funny because I went to participate in something that was very natural to me and then people started asking for a photo. I was happy that it was for something good,” he said.

Ednaldo also revealed that he has been receiving several requests. “I think the children’s audience sees the big head of the doll more, but I drew more attention from the adult audience. The biggest success is among men and women, who say they would take as many vaccines as I wanted. That’s for the worse”, he joked.

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