Cláudia deletes photos after separation and attacker deletes profile

After Jô’s controversy involving model Maiára Quiderolly came to light, businesswoman Cláudia Santos announced the end of her marriage to the player.

Cláudia deleted all the photos with Jô from her Instagram profile and changed her last name, removing the “Silva” that came from her ex-husband.

The only record left by the businesswoman shows Jô with her two children in honor of Father’s Day, in an ironic way, with the original caption changed.

The former Corinthians striker deleted his profile from social networks as soon as the news circulated and has not yet commented on the case.

Cláudia also removed from the air the video in which she comments on five children that Jô would have had out of wedlock, not to mention the sixth recently released by alleged lover Maiára Quiderolly.

“To make one thing clear to the world, her son [Maiára Quiderolly] it’s not a trophy for him, because he already has five children out of wedlock. Two relate very well to me, I have contact with the mothers, one of the mothers is Carol and I get along very well with her. His two children spent Christmas at my house, and they will continue to do so because they are my children’s brothers. But her son is not a trophy”, explained Cláudia.

The athlete’s ex-wife also stated that she will not leave her social networks, but that she intends to “bury this story”.

“I won’t stop having a social network, because I don’t have to hide. On the contrary, I have to be here to make my life a mirror for someone’s life. I’m going to live this grief, I’m going to bury this story and I have faith in God (. ..) I believe that my children will give me strength too, but I ask you to leave me alone”, he added.

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