Color block is featured in Marquezine and Gavassi’s looks in ‘Maldives’

Fictitious luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, Maldives, which titles the new Netflix dramedy series, promises mysteries, fights and some laughs. But, with Bruna Marquezine, Manu Gavassi, Sheron Menezzes and Natalia Klein in the cast, another highlight that deserves attention in the Brazilian production, which premiered this Wednesday (15), is the costumes.

In the traditional thriller format that begs the question “Who Killed?”, Maldives wants to be light, relaxed and fun. And for this mission, in addition to accompanying “it girls”, of course the looks are not sober: they are colorful and vibrant, as are the personalities of the characters.

For this, the series abuses the 1980s trend of color blocking (also called Color blocking) and which gained space, again, in the summer of 2022.

Bruna Marquezine, Sheron Menezzes and Manu Gavassi in costumes for the series "Maldives" - Reproduction - Reproduction

Bruna Marquezine, Sheron Menezzes and Manu Gavassi in costumes from the series “Maldives”

Image: Reproduction

Following the trend is not difficult: here the rule is to use a monochromatic color block (usually more intense and vibrant), as the name says, being able to make an entire look in one tone or mixing several tones of the same color.

In the series’ poster, the women of the cast appear all in color block and with a retro air. The actresses use and abuse, in the series, suits and sets of tops and pants – highlight for the flare model, which combines very well the retro trend – in pink, lilac and royal blue colors.

The tone on tone is what is seen the most, combining vibrant pinks with pastel tones. In fact, the lighter pink is the most seen tone in the series, as shown by the character of Manu Gavassi.

Manu Gavassi in Maldives - Rachel Tanugi/NETFLIX - Rachel Tanugi/NETFLIX

Manu Gavassi in Maldives

Image: Rachel Tanugi/NETFLIX

And denim with denim is good for makeup? Also! This is what the character, lived by Marquezine, shows.

Bruna Marquezine in a scene from 'Maldives' - Rachel Tanugi/Netflix - Rachel Tanugi/Netflix

Bruna Marquezine in the scene of ‘Maldives’

Image: Rachel Tanugi/Netflix

And the one-color block extends to accessories, as shown by the character Rayssa, played by actress Sheron Menezzes: her red bathing suit and beach outfit, accompanied by a hat and sunglasses in the same color.

series scene "Maldives"from Netflix - Disclosure - Disclosure

Scene from the Netflix series “Maldives”

Image: Disclosure

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