Congress should discuss pricing policy and may double taxation on Petrobras profits, says Lira | Policy

According to Lira, starting next week, parliamentarians will debate the state-owned company’s pricing and profit distribution policy. The mayor also once again asked for the resignation of the company’s president, José Mauro Coelho, who has already been “fired” by Bolsonaro (understand below).

Asked about a possible change in the taxation of Petrobras’ profits, Lira said that there is “every possibility” that the issue will be faced by Congress.

“There is a proposal similar to that in the United States, made by President [Joe] Biden with a Democratic senator. Private oil companies there pay 21% tax on profits. They are discussing doubling to 42%,” he quoted.

“Here, Petrobras pays CSLL, for example, ‘xis %’ on profit. We will, for example, double this taxation and try to revert this directly to the population, so that it also enters the government’s cash, not go to the Treasury and is not subject to the spending ceiling law. And that we can reverse this to reduce the compensation of the difference in the cost of diesel abroad for here”, said Lira.

“There is no need for this haste, there are several ways for you to make this compensation. It would not cost Petrobras anything to reduce its profits a little now, wait for the result of what we are doing to reduce the inflation of the most vulnerable. [Petrobras] has absolutely no sensitivity and its board, its deliberative council and its fired president act in retaliation”, declared Lira.

Petrobras announced this Friday new hikes in the prices of gasoline and diesel sold to distributors, valid from June 18. Diesel had not been readjusted since May 10 – 39 days ago. The last rise in gasoline prices was on March 11 – 99 days ago. LPG prices will not change.

With the adjustment, the average selling price of Gasoline from Petrobras to distributors will rise from R$3.86 to R$4.06 per liter (up 5.18%). For the dieselPetrobras’ average sales price to distributors will rise from R$4.91 to R$5.61 per liter (up 14.26%).

Lira confirmed, in the interview, that she spoke this Thursday (16) by telephone with the president of Petrobras, José Mauro Coelho, to try to convince him to postpone the readjustment. The information had already been released by journalist Valdo Cruz’s blog on g1.

“We are going to have a very tough meeting with technicians from the energy, oil and gas areas, with responsible advice, bring people to guide us. We don’t want chaos, but we want to open this black box at Petrobras and hold accountable this board and this president for these acts of bad faith with the Brazilian people”, said the president of the Chamber.

Lira on rising fuel prices: 'There is no emergency that justifies a readjustment during a holiday'

Lira on rising fuel prices: ‘There is no emergency that justifies a readjustment during a holiday’

Since Thursday afternoon (15), when Petrobras’ Board of Directors endorsed the adjustment, Lira, President Jair Bolsonaro and federal government ministers have publicly criticized the state-owned company’s decision.

In addition to Arthur Lira, the Chief of Staff, Ciro Nogueira also sought out the president of Petrobras in order to press for a retreat in the readjustment. Both want Coelho to immediately leave the command of Petrobras.

Coelho had his resignation announced by the Ministry of Mines and Energy on May 23, after 40 days in office. He was the third president of the state-owned company in the Jair Bolsonaro government. The two previous ones, also fired, are Roberto Castello Branco and Joaquim Silva e Luna.

To replace José Mauro Coelho, the government decided to appoint Caio Mário Paes de Andrade, assistant to Minister Paulo Guedes at the Ministry of Economy, where he held the position of Secretary for Debureaucratization.

However, Andrade’s appointment needs to be approved by Petrobras’ Board of Directors, which has not yet happened. Coelho’s resignation could speed up the switch.

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