Copel (CPLE6) will pay R$1.6 billion in dividends and interest on equity; check the value per share

Copel (CPLE6) will pay R$1.6 billion in dividends and interest on equity;  check the value per share
Copel’s shares rose about 10% in 2022 – Photo: Reproduction Site RI

Companhia Paranaense de Energia, Copel (CPLE6), informed this Wednesday (15) that it will pay dividends totaling R$ 1,651,848,609.11.

The remuneration will be made on June 30, 2022, divided into BRL 1.36 billion, referring to dividends approved at the meeting on April 29, and BRL 283.17 million, in the form of interest on interest on equity ( JCP), authorized on December 8, 2021.

Among the dividends, the amount will be BRL 0.47117031 per common share, BRL 0.51829476 per class A preferred share, BRL 0.51829476 per class B preferred share and BRL 2.54435609 per unit, as shown in the table below:

Investors with a shareholding position until the end of the trading session on April 29 will be entitled to remuneration. As of May 2, the securities traded will not receive the proceeds.

The payment of JCP refers to the year 2021. The gross amount, without withholding income tax at a rate of 15%, is R$0.09748467 per common share, R$0.10723314 per preferred share class A, R $0.10723314 per class B preferred share and R$0.52641723 per unit. Check the table below:

Shareholders will be entitled to receive these dividends until the end of the trading session on December 30, 2021. As of January 3, the shares are not entitled to receive the dividends.

Copel (CPLE6): Head of IR reveals dividend strategy for 2022; watch video

THE Copel The main attraction for individual shareholders is the payment of dividends, with an average return, measured by the dividend yield (DY), of the current 15.6% – according to data compiled from the Status Invest platform. For 2022 and subsequent years, the company expects to maintain its current dividend policy and pay a relevant portion of its net income.

“This is a recurring theme here in the Investor Relations (IR) team, we receive this question frequently. What we can say is that we will maintain a dividend policy, even as a matter of governance. With a certain level of indebtedness, the company will pay 25% to 65% of its net income in dividendsdepending on financial health”, said Luiz Henrique de Mello, Copel’s IR Head, in a live interview with Suno Notícias.

According to the executive, when Copel has a ratio of net debt to EBITDA (operating income) – a value called “leverage” that results from the division of one indicator by the other – less than 1.5x, it will pay 65%. The last two quarterly results of the electric company maintained this level.

If the company has 1.5x and 2.7x, the payment will be 50% in dividends. Above that, only the mandatory minimum of 25% would be paid.

“The reason for these levels is because the company envisages an ‘ideal’ indebtedness of the company at 2.5x. This is the best performance level in terms of capital structure, which is not a guidance, Please note; the dividend policy is what is important here,” he explains.

“If the company still has relevant cash generation, shareholders can also decide on an extraordinary cash payment”, he adds.

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