Corinthians suspects that trauma from the war in Ukraine aggravated Júnior Moraes’ injury | Corinthians

An unusual injury among football players has caused striker Júnior Moraes to miss Corinthians. To facilitate understanding, the club has been calling the problem faced by the athlete, who has been dealing with wounds on the skin of the face and in the mouth region, an allergy. In a more technical way, the term adopted by doctors is spontaneous urticaria.

Júnior Moraes performed several allergy tests, but it was not possible to diagnose the origin of the problem. According to the exams, the sores are not caused by food, cosmetics, cleaning products or any other external factor.

Thus, the medical department of Corinthians began to suspect that the hives are related to emotional issues, mainly because the athlete comes from a traumatic moment, in which he had to leave Ukraine in a hurry because of the war in the country. Until then, the attacker had never had this type of skin irritation.

– The emotional aspect is an aggravating factor for those who already have urticaria, but not the cause. There are people in super calm situations or on vacation, for example, who have the same symptom that Junior is showing. Probably, if he had been in other conditions, the skin lesion would also have appeared, but in a lighter way – explains Luís Felipe Tea, coordinator of the scientific department of urticaria of the Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology.

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Júnior Moraes has 13 games and one goal for Corinthians — Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

The first time that Moraes complained of hives was precisely on the eve of his first goal for Corinthians, against Portuguesa-RJ, on May 12. At the time, he had to go to the hospital in the early hours of the morning.

Because of the problem, the striker was absent in the games against Juventude, last Sunday, and Athletico-PR, on Wednesday.

– There is a cure for these hives, and it happens naturally, there is no treatment that will cure it, we do treatment to keep the symptoms under control until the day the cure comes. The treatment is 100% effective, the person has no symptoms – explains doctor Luís Felipe Tea, who adds:

– There are people who respond very quickly to treatment, there are people who are more refractory and need more medication. Between 40% and 60% of cases are calm. The rest is more complicated, then you need more complex medication, perhaps associating different medications.

Júnior Moraes has a goal for Corinthians: this one, against Portuguesa-RJ, for the Copa do Brasil

Júnior Moraes has a goal for Corinthians: this one, against Portuguesa-RJ, for the Copa do Brasil

The presence of Júnior Moraes in the duel between Corinthians and Goiás, on Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT), at Neo Química Arena, is still uncertain. The player became even more important in the alvinegro cast due to the departure of Jô, who terminated his contract last week, reducing the supply of attackers available to coach Vítor Pereira.

Hired in March, the 35-year-old played 13 games for Timão, six as a starter, having scored a goal.

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