Councilman says that Saúde de Viçosa filed more than 3,000 requests for exams; Secretariat rebuts complaint

During the ordinary meeting of the Viçosa City Council, last Tuesday (14), Councilman Daniel Cabral (PC do B), denounced that the Viçosa Health Department had filed more than three thousand requests for exams in the municipality.

According to him, after a survey carried out in the city, it was found that at the beginning of the year there were more than three thousand people in line to perform exams in the city. Furthermore, according to the councilor, the Secretariat’s orientation would have been to file these exams and “start again”.

“That people would go through a new evaluation, or who basically forgot or didn’t depend on that, didn’t process (through the exams)”, said the councilor.

Also according to the councilor, such action constitutes a crime of improbity and, therefore, is with an action with the Public Ministry that will be sent against the Municipal Executive and the Municipal Health Department.

“They’re going to need to prove where all these exam requests are,” concluded Daniel.

See below the full testimony of councilor Daniel Cabral:

Secretary rebuts complaint

In contact with our reporting team, Health Secretary Rainério Rodrigues rebutted the complaints made by the councilor and stated that he will have to prove what he said. After all, they are “very serious allegations”.

In addition, the secretary also detailed that 17,288 appointments, including consultations and specialized exams, were scheduled only in the first months of this year. The number is greater than all appointments made in the first half of the last three years:

  • 2019: 10,065 appointments
  • 2020: 6,104 appointments
  • 2021: 11,860 appointments
Details of appointments made in recent years in Viçosa. (Image: Disclosure / Health Department)

The secretary confirmed that there are pent-up demands in the sector, but that the Secretariat is constantly working to reduce the queue.

“Due to the pandemic moment and to ease this queue, the state government released a financial incentive within the “Opera Minas” program to reduce these queues and we are working hard to make this happen”, scored.

In addition, he invited the councilor to know the entire work process of the Health Department.

“Talking about the tribune and social network very easy, I invite the councilor to know the whole work process of the health department. To understand how it works, to talk later”, said the secretary.

Rainério also stated that Daniel Cabral requests the names of patients and queues. However, this is illegal. “we cannot disclose names, but what is offered and is already happening”.

See here the participation of secretary Rainério Rodrigues in Jornal da Montanhesa this Wednesday (15)

João de Josino defends current administration

Image: Viçosa City Council

On the other hand, still during the meeting, councilor João de Josino (Citizenship) defended the current administration and stressed that the complaint made by his fellow councilor was very serious.

“I’m sure there are many exams there that are from the past administration, let’s not say that they don’t have this one, but many are from the past administration”, punctuated the councilor.

In addition, he said he was sure that the current Health Secretary of Viçosa Rainério Rodrigues will appear at the Chamber, in a Public Hearing, and will present the report of how many exams were released.

Listen to the councilor’s full audio:

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