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The search for a vaccine against Covid-19 increased 225% at health posts in Salvador in the first 15 days of June. Data from the Vacinómetro, a platform of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) that records information on the immunization process in the capital of Bahia, show that 7,420 people sought out the units on June 1. On Wednesday (15), this number was 24,131.

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The system shows that there has been an upward curve in the demand for immunization since the end of May – with a slight change in the growth pattern in two days in June. Health professionals attribute the number of vaccinated at the posts to the Corpus Christi holiday and June festivities.

Nursing technician Elane Nascimento, who works at the Family Health Unit (USF) in the Boca da Mata neighborhood, said that the routine was unusual in the first two weeks of June, compared to the workflow that followed during other months of the year. .

“Demand has increased a lot. People will travel, they want to complete the vaccination schedule and have been looking for units in search of the first dose of the vaccine for fear of not being able to travel,” she said.

Demand increased at vaccination posts in Salvador — Photo: Reproduction/TV Bahia

The work routine has been more intense at other fixed and drive-thru stations in Salvador. Nurse Dinah Alves, working at the USF in Arraial do Retiro, commented that demand also increased at the unit.

According to her, professionals apply an average of 120 doses per day, between children and adults. This number rose to around 250 last week and jumped to 440 on the ‘D-Day’ of vaccination on June 10th.

“Perhaps the demand has increased because the number of cases of the disease has also increased. Also, it has the Corpus Christi and Saint John holidays.”

Dinah adds that other factors may have contributed to the increase in demand, such as the release of the fourth dose for adults and the application of the third dose for adolescents.

Vaccination centers in Salvador are in fixed and drive-thru units — Photo: MAURO AKIIN NASSOR/FOTOARENA/FOTOARENA/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

The student Petruska Barros is part of this audience. By planning to enjoy the June festivities, she said that she sought the immunizer to feel safer in the face of new infections in the Bahian capital.

“If I could, I would have taken it sooner. As released this week, I took the fourth dose. Cases are increasing again and we have to take protective measures. We will have greater agglomeration in São João and I want to be more protected,” she said.

Vaccination of children in Salvador — Photo: Bruno Concha/Secom

According to Vacinómetro, 97% of the population of Salvador received at least the second dose or the single-dose vaccine, which is equivalent to 2,204,013 doses applied since the beginning of the campaign.

According to the latest platform update, on Wednesday (15), a total of 6,149,365 doses were applied in the city, divided into the target audience able to receive the four doses in Salvador.

Immunization is suspended this Corpus Christi holiday, in addition to the weekend, and should resume next Monday.

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