Criminal background checks can reduce Pix scams

Check out how it would work as it aims to reduce the number of Pix scams.

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With the criminal background check, the number of scams with Pix can be reduced, as it would make it difficult to open fake accounts or by jerks in banks in Brazil.

According to an expert, the measure could be a solution for institutions in the face of the possibility that the Central Bank will place the responsibility on financial institutions for the increase in this type of practice, which has become common since the launch of Pix in the country.

Central Bank will hold banks accountable

At the end of May, at the Consumer Protection Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, stated that the monetary authority has done everything to curb crimes and wants to ensure that banks do the same.

In this way, financial institutions can be penalized if there is fraud involving Pix that is related to an orange account, although the agency has not said exactly how this will happen, nor when this measure will start to take effect.

Other crimes are having a higher incidence due to scams through Pix, many involving violence. One of these crimes is the lightning kidnapping, which had a 40% increase only in the city of São Paulo (SP), according to a survey by the 1st Anti-Kidnapping Police Station in the city of São Paulo.

“The background check allows account opening data to be checked before being used with bank transactions. As banks tend to offer an increasingly faster opening process, care is needed to minimize [a prática]”, explained Marcus Cairrão, CEO of IAUDIT Tecnologia, to Canaltech.

Cairrão says that the background check could happen in a mass way, where the bank does not have direct access to customer data, but receiving a positive or negative for opening an account.

The process could be done through APIs and work on platforms of platforms of customers, employees, partners and suppliers and could also store the not accepted in case of new attempts by the scammers.

However, the expert points out that the fact that the oranges are also victims of the bandits complicates the procedure. “Several scams aim to steal data from innocent people and open accounts without consent, which makes it difficult for banks to work and checks, since the information may not have inconsistencies”, he points out.

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