Destroyed, Fátima delivers secret to Olivia: “Adopted”

Things are going to get pretty complicated in the six o’clock plot. Globefor Fatima (Patricia Pinho) who will have to deal with the consequences of her secret. That’s because, she will burst into tears as she opens up about the story of olivia (Debora Ozório) in Beyond the Illusion. Confronted, the grocer and bene (Claudio Jaborandy) will confess that the young woman is not their biological daughter.

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In this Thursday’s chapter (16), the young lady will be surprised by the fact that her mother refuses to repeat the blood test, since the weaver’s result was different from the parents. “I need to talk to you and Mom. The matter is serious and I don’t want to postpone it”, she will declare to the couple in the Globo telenovela.

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Tenório’s girlfriend (Jayme Monjardim) will claim that the feeling she feels for the two will never change, but she will claim that she needs to ask her parents a question. “Was I adopted?”, will ask the character of Beyond the Illusion. “It was, daughter. You were adopted, yes”, Fátima will answer, in tears.

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Olivia finds out that she is adopted in the Globo plot and looks for biological mother (Photo: Reproduction)
Olivia finds out that she is adopted in the Globo plot and looks for biological mother (Photo: Reproduction)

In the sequence, the merchant will repeat the whole story that her husband told her, since Violeta’s employee (Malu Galli) never told her companion that their daughter is the lost heir of Heloísa (Paloma Duarte).

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The worker will promise to look for her biological mother, while Leônidas (Eriberto Leão) will get closer and closer to discovering that the weaver is the daughter of his beloved. Olivia’s reunion with her real mother, which will be full of emotion, will take place in the scenes that air on the 30th.

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