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Filipe Ret releases his sixth studio work this Thursday (16) (Photo: @stefflima)

Filipe Ret releases his sixth studio work this Thursday (16) (Photo: @stefflima)

“Very explicit.” This is how Filipe Ret characterizes his newest work, the album “LUME”, which was released this Thursday (16). having the trap as a basis, the record is also influenced by other musical genres, such as funk and even axé. In all, it has 11 tracks and features special guest appearances by renowned artists, such as Anitta, L7NNON, Poze do Rodo, among others.

The carioca is the first national rap artist to release an Enhanced Album on Spotify, offering exclusive content for fans and an immersion throughout the songs, with comments and curiosities about the tracks. In Brazil, only Luísa Sonza had this opportunity before.

In an interview with GQ Brazil, Filipe Ret highlights the power of trap and rap as an “alternative education for kids”, and highlights the importance of artists taking a political and social position.

“Our culture has immeasurable transforming power. I am an enthusiast of this Brazilian trap. For many years I knew that I would get to where it is and I know that it will grow much more. Today, trap and rap are almost an alternative education for the kids. The kid who doesn’t study, who sometimes doesn’t even have school for him to go to, ends up getting attached to music, you know? And that transforms his life”, he says.

“[O disco] it’s a rant. Mainly for this government, but not just for this one. I won, but not everyone won. For everyone to win, we need to equal opportunities. It’s a straight-up criticism. The record is very explicit,” he comments.

During the interview, the carioca explains where the name “LUME” came from, the word that gives life to his newest work.

“It has the poetic meaning, of the inner light of all children, it has a philosophical meaning of giving birth. And even in an almost biblical side too. Symbolically speaking, an idea that has permeated my work for some time is the thing about the angel who was expelled from heaven for considering himself to be the light”, he says.

“I think this idea is fantastic. I live with this reflection all the time, because if I don’t feel like God on stage, I can’t promote an interesting show, I can’t create something interesting. And, at the same time, when I I promote this, I am this angel. This is a central existential philosophical question in me”, he adds.

Filipe Ret extols the transformative and educational power of rap and trap (Photo: @stefflima)

Filipe Ret extols the transformative and educational power of rap and trap (Photo: @stefflima)

Ret doesn’t hide the gratitude he feels for anita. The Brazilian singer made a special appearance on the artist’s new album, on the track All our’sone of the singer’s favorites, in addition to Child’s Dream and Konteiner.

“I admire Anitta a lot as an artist, I met her later and started to like her as a person too. She became my partner and helped me a lot in the process. It was very expensive (laughs), but for Anitta it was even cheap. She added a lot, and I think it had an effect”, he says.

“After I recorded this sound with Anitta, I started to find one of my favorites. But the one with Poze I also really like, the one with L7NNON too, these three I really like”, he adds.

back cover of "LIGHT" (Photo: Publicity)

Back cover of LUME (Photo: Publicity)

Ret accumulates other five works: “Numa Margem Distante” (2009), “Vivaz” (2012), “Revel” (2015), “Audaz” (2018) and “Imaterial” (2021), he is one of the biggest names in the national rap. With more than ten years in the scene, the carioca considers that he is living his best phase

“In every way I’m at my best. Physically, mentally, spiritually, in every way”, says Ret, who comments that he is already thinking about another album. “Trap is the most interesting musical movement that appeared, so it’s a way to take advantage of this moment”, he concludes.

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