discover 37 foods rich in iron for your health

Iron is a nutrient found in many foods and is also essential for health. You can consume iron through beans, spinach, kale and broccoli. In fact, there is a wide variety of foods rich in iron.

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See below for a complete list of all the top iron-rich foods to add to your daily diet. However, first, know that this is an essential nutrient for health. It acts directly on the immune system and the absence of iron can generate several damages.

Low intake of iron-rich foods leads to anemia

The biggest problem related to lack of iron is anemia. According to a 2013 study, published by the Anemia Working Group Portugal, 20% of the population may have anemia in the Portuguese country. The research was developed based on the analysis of 7,890 people over 18 years of age.

In the same vein, an article published on the Lusíadas website, authored by João Estevens, says that “In statistical terms, in a Portuguese family of five people of legal age, one of them suffers from anemia”. This is what Estevens, a specialist in international medicine, at Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira, assured.

To avoid this and other health problems, always consume a variety of foods rich in iron.

Discover foods rich in iron to improve your diet

  1. Iron-fortified breakfast cereals
  2. Rice
  3. breads and pasta
  4. cooked lentils
  5. tofu
  6. pumpkins
  7. sesame seeds
  8. Chickpea
  9. strawberries
  10. Bean
  11. dried apricots
  12. Roast potatoes
  13. lemons
  14. Nuts
  15. peppers
  16. broccoli stalks
  17. Spinach
  18. Raw and Cooked Cabbage
  19. Peas
  20. Liver
  21. oysters
  22. Clams
  23. oranges
  24. Red meat
  25. canned sardines
  26. Chicken
  27. Peru
  28. Green leaves
  29. Pig
  30. Ham
  31. Broccoli
  32. mussels
  33. Fish
  34. Melon
  35. Kiwi
  36. tomatoes
  37. Beet

Beware of iron deficiency

If you experience any of these symptoms or several of them, it is best to seek medical help as soon as possible.

Anemia puts more strain on the heart and can exacerbate many other health problems. Also, an anemic person puts himself in gravity if he has any type of hemorrhage or heavy bleeding.

Not all types of anemia can be prevented, but there are some that can rely on preventive measures. Iron deficiency anemia, for example, must be treated with diet and, in some cases, intravenous iron replacement. It is recommended the consumption of vitamins B8, B12 and C, in addition to moderate physical activity and the consumption of foods rich in iron.

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