“Disrespectful is being late, staying half an hour and leaving”

The national president of the PDT, Carlos Lupi, countered on the night of this Thursday, 16, criticism he received from Ceará state deputy Evandro Leitão (PDT), president of the Assembly and one of the four pre-candidates of the party for the Government of Ceará.

As reported by O POVO this Thursday, Leitão released a note in WhatsApp groups of the acronym criticizing Lupi’s demonstrations in defense of former mayor Roberto Cláudio’s (PDT) pre-candidacy for governor. In the message, the deputy said he was “indignant” at the posture, which he classified as “inappropriate” and “disrespectful”.

After the repercussion of the case, Lupi sought the report to respond to the statement: “Inadequate and disrespectful is deputy Evandro Leitão, who, despite being from the PDT, arrived late for the party meeting, stayed about half an hour and left. Regardless of being the national president of the PDT, we live in a democracy and I have the right to express my opinion”, declared the president of the PDT.

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Evandro Leitão, in turn, replied and made a rejoinder to Lupi’s statement. This time, however, he chose to put “hot cloths” on the situation. “I will not get into this game of disaggregation that they want to plant in the PDT in Ceará. Our design here doesn’t allow for that,” he said.

In an act of the PDT held this Wednesday, 15th, in Fortaleza, Lupi praised RC while presiding over the event’s table. In one of the moments, he even sang a song that said “the best mayor in Brazil will become governor”. The action was frowned upon by pedestrians from Ceará, since the party has three other pre-candidates for the position.

Who started the protests against Lupi was Evandro Leitão himself, who is also one of the names in the dispute for the nomination in the party. “I could not help but express my indignation at the ill-timed and disrespectful behavior of our party’s national president, Mr. Carlos Lupi, who comes to our Ceará and disrespects the democratic process of choosing our candidate for the Government”, he said.

The outburst ended up provoking a series of responses from state deputies, who took the opportunity both to show solidarity with their colleague and to demand a definition of who will be the party’s candidate. “It is because of these and other manifestations that this process was worn out and needs to be rethought, the way it goes only harms us”, says deputy Tin Gomes (PDT). “Candidate now!”, continues the deputy.

State deputy Osmar Baquit (PDT) also defended his colleague, classifying Lupi’s stance as “unacceptable”. “The moment was opportune to demonstrate our unity. What happened was regrettable,” he said, noting that Senator Cid Gomes (PDT) “will know how to act democratically” in the case.

Other deputies, such as Salmito Filho (PDT), Oriel Nunes Filho (PDT), Jehovah Mota (PDT), Sérgio Aguiar, Guilherme Landim (PDT) and Romeu Aldigueri (PDT) also spoke out in defense of Evandro. “The moment is for construction (…) I am very concerned about the direction the process is taking because it is more dividing than adding. Unnecessary sharp edges and conflicts must be avoided”, said Aldigueri.

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