documentary details abuse by Rulon Jeffs

A new documentary available on Netflix, entitled “Pray and Obey”, tells the story of a police operation on a Texas ranch that, in 2008, found evidence of sexual, physical and psychological abuse committed in a polygamous sect, especially by the self-styled prophet. Warren Jeffs. Now, one of the survivors recounts what her life was like and how she managed to survive.

Rebecca Musser was one of the wives of Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father. He was one of the leaders of the FLDS sect. When Rebecca and Rulon got married, she was 19 and he was 85. She tells what she did to avoid having sex with him, and says she was disgusted by the act.

“You had to take your clothes off and lie on his bed,” he said. “I remember him getting on top of me and telling me to spread my legs. I felt like that was everything we were told was wrong.”

The documentary, directed by Rachel Dretzin, presents a detailed look at the sect, which existed under the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or simply FLDS). Warren Jeffs was the leader, who forced minors to marry and get pregnant.

“At 19, I didn’t know what it took, physically, to get pregnant. I didn’t expect Rulon Jeffs to touch me in any way,” Rebecca said.

Children and Wives of Rulon Jeffs - Disclosure/Netflix - Disclosure/Netflix

Children and Wives of Rulon Jeffs

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

To avoid having sex with him, Rebecca made him lie on the bed and massaged his feet so he would fall asleep.

“I would do anything to get him to sleep, and then I could go one more night without him touching me.”

In the four-episode documentary, the audience gets to know Rulon Jeffs’ ex-wives and relatives a lot, in addition to following the investigations that unmasked the sect and the work of the police.

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