Dog finishes preparing lunch after tutor sends audio instructions

An impressive video has gone viral on social media since the beginning of June. In the scenes, a 6-year-old Siberian husky is seen turning on an electric pot to cook rice.

The dog received instructions from the owner through a security system. The case happened in the province of Zhejiang, east of China.

According to information from the newspaper La Republica, the tutor, a 39-year-old man named Zhou, was preparing his lunch when he had to go out to buy some products at the store. However, he stopped to perform a COVID-19 test and the line was very long.

In this sense, he had an idea and decided to try to carry it out, it was when he gave instructions to his dog to finish lunch. The dog is super smart, so the owner did not doubt the ability to make him understand what was needed.

After hearing the tutor’s voice and commands, the dog went to the kitchen and pressed a button to turn on the rice cooker. The husky named Lucky also knows how to flush the toilet, turn off the faucet and fasten his seat belt when he is in the car.

“Can you press the on/off button on the crockpot? It’s next to your paw,” Zhou said. To her surprise, the answer was positive.

As a reward, the tutor promised to prepare a delicious meal just for Lucky. The video was shared on Youtube and received more than 260 thousand views, 7.4 thousand likes and 549 comments.

“I love having a pet. It’s more than loyalty that this dog is showing.”

“Even this dog can understand Chinese better than I do,” joked another.

“This is really amazing! What a smart and helpful little dog!” added a third.

I doubt you won’t be impressed by the husky’s intelligence.

Watch below:

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