Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, Globo anticipates recordings of the last chapters of Pantanal

We still have a few more months to watch the remake of wetland, but the recordings of the soap opera are already coming to an end for the actors and production, which promises many twists and turns. Due to a recent outbreak of Covid-19a Globe anticipated the end of the Pantanal recordings in Mato Grosso do Sul by three weeks.

The nucleus that was in the region traveled there on May 11th and was supposed to stay until July 9th. However, work was terminated ahead of schedule after several actors and crew members were diagnosed with Covid-19.

“Estudios Globo is following the unfolding and impacts of Covid-19 and, whenever necessary and in accordance with the best practices in the health areas, revisits and updates the protocols to make work on sets possible safely for all involved. In the Pantanal, the recordings, which were already in their final stretch, were readjusted”, reported Globo Communication.

The actors’ return is scheduled for June 19, after being released from the Covid quarantine. Among the actors infected with the disease in recent days are Marcos Palmeira, Dira Paes, Jesuita Barbosa and Gabriel Sater.

With strict protocols since the beginning of the pandemic, the cast is divided into several cores, all tested before recording and with filming taking place on different fronts. If any member of the nucleus has a positive result, the recording is suspended for them and the other scheduled filming with other actors follows the schedule.

Several actors posted photos and memories of the recording location on their social networks as a farewell tone. “Closing this stage of recording in the heart of Brazil and teaching less about fear and more about respect. Thank you, Pantanal, for the embrace of nature, for the friendships and so much love lived. This experience is for the children of the children of the children of ours “, wrote Silvero Pereira, who plays Zaquieu in the 9.

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