Elba Ramalho regrets Simaria’s departure: “They will know how to forgive themselves”

Simaria’s decision to step away from the stage, citing medical issues, announced this Thursday (16/6), took the music world by surprise. This happened shortly after the repercussion of the interview granted by the singer to the title of this column, exposing differences with her sister and partner of the duo, Simone. A reference in the musical world, Elba Ramalho regretted the fact.

The singer from Paraíba praised the duo, although she highlighted that at times it is necessary to take a step back in order to put things in place. She also talked about ego and left her cheering for everything to end well.


“What a shame, the two are beautiful, competent, rock at what they do, for sure they love each other and will wisely know how to forgive each other for any past hurt! Sometimes we need to step back, review things… Die a little to be reborn stronger. In my humble opinion, the ego so pointed out by many here is revealed or camouflaged in all of us. Simaria, be well, take your time, but come back soon, we will miss you! Much love for both. Peace and good”, wrote Elba Ramalho.

by Daniel Neblina

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