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Lumena Aleluia, ex-sister of Big Brother Brazil 21, Globo’s reality show used Instagram Stories to vent. On the afternoon of this Thursday (16), the Bahia was surprised with a bag of feces at the door of her residence. Very shaken by what happened, Karol Conká’s best friend will take care of her mental health and move away from the internet.

“I woke up today with feces on my door. Two bags of feces. I’ve cried a lot, I said I would try to talk to you without crying, but it’s very difficult. The lawyer is already being called, my manager is already aware. I live alone and that’s what makes me the most shaken. I live in São Paulo at the moment, I have a very large support network, but the fact of living alone and waking up to this scene has disrupted me a lot”shot Lumen Hallelujah.

“It was bizarre. I was sleeping when the sub-manager woke me up by honking. When I opened the door there was a bizarre scene, two bags with lots of feces. I can’t tell if it’s a dog or a human. But anyway, it doesn’t matter”.

“I’m going to Salvador, I’m going to take a break. I’m not well. I can only say this. I have never experienced anything on the street, quite the opposite. I’m going to try to renew the vibe, but I got knocked down today with this. It had been a long time since I was this sad. It’s one thing to put up with the stuff on the internet, I’m used to it, but on the doorstep?”.

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On her Twitter profile, Lumena wrote regretting what happened: “I’m really bad, I need some time to digest everything that has happened to me. I am out of here”. The ex-BBB advisor issued an official statement: “All measures are being taken, the artist’s legal department has already been contacted and, we believe that, soon, those responsible will be identified and will bear the consequences of their actions”.

Lumena, at this moment, is being watched and accompanied by her family, friends, fans and what she needs most is affection and love. We cannot shut up in the face of an attitude like this. Domicile is an inviolable place, guaranteed by the Federal Constitution”continued the press release.

(Photo: Playback/Internet)
(Photo: Playback/Internet)

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