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Published 06/16/2022 12:57 | Updated 06/16/2022 13:00

Rio – Fábio Porchat spoke about President Jair Bolsonaro during an interview with the podcast ‘Papagaio Falante’, presented by Sérgio Mallandro and Renato Rabelo. The comedian criticized the politician after declaring his intentions to vote in the elections.

“I’ve already declared my vote, I’m going to vote for Ciro Gomes. I really like Ciro, I think he’s a great candidate, very prepared. Now, if August arrives and he continues with 7% (in the polls) and Lula can win in the first round , to remove this animal, this worm, this cancer that is in power, I will be painted with a red star singing ‘Lulalá’ and vote by pressing 13 three hundred times”, he revealed.

Then the presenter returned to criticize Bolsonaro. “Actually, we’re dealing with a guy who has no humanity. A person who, during a pandemic that killed 670,000 people in Brazil, imitates people choking to death. He doesn’t care about people, he has no dignity. Before we talk about corruption, because there’s a lot in this government, we have to talk about human dignity. He provokes anger, lies shamelessly, attacks, says that women don’t deserve to be raped. Look what he says to people! It’s not people! This is sub-people, it’s a mouse, it’s a worm”, he said.

Fábio also accused Bolsonaro of not caring about his work. “On top of that, he’s an incompetent worm, he has a corrupt government, and the guy is a bum who doesn’t work. He rides a jetski and people starve, he doesn’t chase after him. On his schedule, he starts working after work.” noon. Who works after noon in the country? Nobody!”, he said.

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