Find out if the government can pay a new PIS/Pasep allowance in 2022

The payment schedule PIS/Pasep salary bonus for the 2020 base year ended in March for around 23 million workers. Now, those who worked formally in 2021 want to know if there will be a new transfer still in 2022.

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In principle, the government pays the benefit in the year following the period worked. However, Jair Bolsonaro’s team decided to postpone the release of the allowance that would take place last year, with the aim of saving money during the pandemic.

In this way, those who worked in 2020 only received PIS/Pasep now. Those who worked in 2021 will likely only have access to the benefit next year, as the government has opted for a new postponement and has already confirmed that it does not plan to pay another installment now.

Who is entitled?

The PIS/Pasep salary allowance is a right of private sector employees and public servants who meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in PIS/Pasep for at least five years;
  • Have received, on average, up to two minimum wages per month in the year considered for calculation;
  • Have exercised remunerated activity for a legal entity for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year;
  • Having the data correctly informed by the company in the RAIS (Annual Social Information Report)/eSocial.

To consult information about the allowance, access the Digital Work Card application or call 158. Another option is to contact the paying bank, namely Caixa Econômica Federal in the case of PIS, and Banco do Brasil for Pasep.

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