Former colleagues from Bom Dia & Cia, Priscilla Alcantara does not keep quiet, sends an alleged indirect and responds to Yudi Tamashiro’s sting about religion


Presenter took the opportunity to snipe Priscilla’s departure from religion

Post has been deleted.  Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of Priscilla Alcantara
Post has been deleted. Photo: Reproduction/official Instagram of Priscilla Alcantara

Recently, Yudi Tamashiro participated in the podcast “The Chinelapa Show”, where he criticized the conduct of Priscilla Alcantara, with whom he worked at Bom Dia e Cia. However, it seems that the former SBT colleague did not like it and gave him a hint.

It all started last month when Yudi commented on Priscilla’s behavior. “She came out of, let’s say, gospel and from what I hear from people close to her, she’s still looking for the word [de Deus], but now finds itself in another medium. He started hanging out with people from Globo, he’s getting to know another side. Things I’ve known before,” he said.

“I went through pain to Christ, she was never led astray, she was always from the church. My vision, and I talked to her. I pray for her life, she is living things she has never lived in life, knowing different things, but I feel like a at some point she will say: ‘Calm down, that’s not it’, and she’ll come back, she’ll come back even stronger.”

Last Wednesday (15), a Twitter page, managed by Priscilla’s fans, countered Tamashiro’s comment. The publication received the likes of the singer. “So it means that Yudi has become the typical believer ‘in my family’, the one who, when he converts, starts pointing and talking, when he converts, he goes out pointing and saying what he thinks of those who don’t follow him, like Priscilla Alcantara, who always supported him, and now he comes to talk about ‘straying’?”, asked the profile @oprinaticobr.

“So Priscilla, who always defended him, supported him when he wanted to convert, who always goes public to pay tribute and speak well of whose. At the first opportunity, comes with talk of ‘who never deviated’?”, continued the profile. The tweets were further complemented:

“I come here to tell you that while you lived your life all wrong (as you yourself say in your interviews), Priscilla was always within a segment, but she also always had her artistic side. If she were to change or be influenced by something you think wrong, it would have changed a long time ago.”

Despite Priscilla’s likes, in which many pointed as an indirect to the former SBT colleague, the fan profile chose to exclude the publication. Many fans, however, continue to criticize Yudi Tamashiro’s attitude.

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