Former Globo actor, Frota’s friend, reveals the real reason for the deputy’s revolt against Bolsonaro (see video)

Gradually, we are realizing that all those who broke up with President Jair Bolsonaro did so because their personal projects were not met.

They imagined that Bolsonaro elected would do as his predecessors did.

It would distribute positions, benefits and privileges.

This is precisely the case of deputy Alexandre Frota, as revealed by former global actor Mário Gomes, in an interview with Rica Perrone.

Frota imagined that because he had helped to elect the president, he deserved his ‘share’ in the government.

The reality was totally different. In fact, thanks to the Bolsonaro wave that Frota was elected.

He had no positions, had no benefits and will not be re-elected.

One hell of a lesson.

See the video:

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