Former health secretary dies at age 64 of heart disease

Former Secretary of Health Luiz Soares died, at age 64, at dawn on Thursday (16), at his home in Cuiabá.

According to initial information, Luiz had a malaise at dawn. His wife, Viviane Soares, even called Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service), but when he was seen he was already dead.

The real cause of death is not yet known. It is believed that he may have had a heart attack.

Luiz Soares served as deputy and senator. In Cuiabá, he headed Saúde for six years under Wilson Santos and Mauro Mendes. In the Pedro Taques government, he was also head of Health.

At the City Hall of Cuiabá, he held the position of deputy mayor in the administration of Roberto França.

Former senator Antero Paes de Barros told the MediaNews who was with the former secretary yesterday. A good friend of Soares, Antero said he appeared to be doing well and recovering from a period he spent in hospital. Antero claimed to have been surprised by the information of the death.

The former senator mentioned the role that Soares had in the Health Department and in the foundation of the PSDB in Mato Grosso.

He was one of the most committed people in the area of ​​Public Health, a dedicated advocate for the SUS. He was a very successful Health Secretary in the prefectures of Cuiabá and Várzea Grande. He has greatly improved the Health Department,” he said.

As a legislator, Mato Grosso owes a lot to him for the extraordinary constitution it had. He was my running mate and was one of the historical references of the PSDB. He was the founder of the party. Anyway, Luiz was a good man”, he added.

no wake

In response to a request from Luis Soares still alive, the family informed that there will be no wake and his body will be cremated in a ceremony reserved for relatives.


Luiz Soares was from Alto Garças, but had lived in Cuiabá since his youth. Born on March 9, 1958, he was 64 years old.

Luiz was state deputy for three terms (1983 to 1998), deputy senator from 1999 to 2007, deputy mayor of Cuiabá in the second term of mayor Roberto França (2001 to 2004), when he was Secretary of Health of Cuiabá, then Várzea Grande and also held the position of Secretary of Health of Mato Grosso in the administration of Pedro Taques.

Lawyer, Luiz Soares was the rapporteur of the State Constitution of Mato Grosso promulgated in 1990.

He leaves his widow, Viviane Soares, and three daughters: Marina, Thais and Vitória.

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