Gasoline can be 2 reais cheaper: see how

Check out the reason for the decrease in the value of gasoline and diesel.

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Last Monday (13), President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said that, with the approval of the PEC on Fuels, which refunds the loss of revenue from states with a ceiling on the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), the The expectation is that the liter of gasoline will have a reduction of around R$ 2.00 and that of diesel by R$ 1.00.

“We are going to cover the ICMS on diesel that is charged by the states. We are submitting a very large part to reduce state taxes. You have to think about the people. It is not the State that collects, the State is losing, who has what is losing is the people who are paying for very expensive gasoline,” Bolsonaro told Rádio CBN-Recife during an interview.


Petrobras came under attack again by Bolsonaro, who also blamed the Ukraine war for the rise in fuel prices. Thus, the president stated that the imbalance in the price of fuel is due to the “war away from Brazil”.

“Petrobras is a giant, exceptional company, but it does not have a social bias provided for in the Constitution itself. You are making abusive profits. The greater the crisis, the greater the profit that Petrobras has”, he pointed out.

According to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), the price of diesel went through five consecutive increases, being sold for R$ 6,943. According to Bolsonaro, the increase was not Petrobras’ responsibility. “It was a local issue. Either it’s the tankers, or it’s the gas station owners. The price is not fixed throughout Brazil,” he explained.

Fuels PEC

On May 25, the Chamber of Deputies approved the project that limits the application of ICMS rates levied on fuels. The proposal prohibits the establishment of a rate for goods considered essential and limits the tax ceiling to 17% in most Brazilian federative units. Now, the proposal awaits a vote in the Senate.

However, there is still the possibility of reducing this percentage. In states that already adopt rates below 17%, as in the South and Southeast regions, therefore, in these states, the rate will not be reduced. The expected loss with the reduction of the tax collection is R$ 6.7 billion to the state coffers.

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Image: Fahroni /

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