Globe censorship? Why Beyond the Illusion didn’t show a gay kiss

The sequence shown last Tuesday (14th) in the novel Além da Illusion, in which Plínio (Nikolas Antunes) finally declares himself to Leopoldo (Michel Blois) caused outrage among viewers on the web. When the new couple was going to kiss, the sequence was cut and Arminda (Caroline Dallarosa) joked that the schedule does not allow it. In the critics’ view, the Globo would have censored the romantic scene for being a gay kiss, but that’s not what happened.

O OnScreen found that there was no censorship simply because there was no kiss written in the scene. Although Beyond the Illusion deals with themes considered progressive, the production’s vision has always made clear the conservatism of Brazil in the 1940s, in order to make a parallel with the moment the country is currently experiencing. The synopsis by Alessandra Poggi, author of the plot, already predicted this when she delivered the document to Globo and it was approved with praise, still by the former dramaturgy direction, under the command of Silvio de Abreu.

The report spoke to three people from the production of the soap opera, one of them who was directly involved in the recording of the sequence that generated buzz on the web and she confirmed that there was no description of a kiss in the script. Another member of the production received the script of the raw chapter, that is, even before it was revised, the so-called “Vale este”, in playwright parlance and he confirmed that Poggi did not write gay kiss for the couple. The third ear by OnScreen is part of the dramaturgy direction and guarantees that there was no intervention by José Luiz Villamarim on the subject.

For the people involved in the soap opera, the purpose of the scene was precisely to shock the audience. When Arminda says “the schedule doesn’t allow”, explaining the reason for not showing the kiss, although it was clear that the couple would have kissed, the intention was to provoke the viewer, according to a person involved in the production. In the view of the soap opera’s directors and also of the cast, Poggi wanted to show how conservative Brazil was in the 1940s, exactly as it is now. Behind the scenes of the telenovela, however, it is understood that the decision had the opposite effect, since the progressive part of the public saw the attitude as a prior censorship, not as a criticism of the country.

There will be a gay kiss in Beyond the Illusion


O OnScreen asked members of the production of Além da Illusion to verify if there will be a gay kiss in the soap opera and no one confirmed, but there was no negative either. All agreed, however, that this will be Alessandra Poggi’s decision and that there will be no interference from the dramaturgy direction. The report spoke with authors and all were unanimous in informing that the management of José Luiz Villamarim did not give any instructions on prior approval for gay kisses, which implied that they are released.

For Globo’s novelists, Villamarim and Waddington himself have a much more progressive view of these themes than their predecessors, so there is no risk of prior censorship. Alessandra Poggi, however, revealed on her Instagram that she has already finished writing all the chapters of the soap opera, but has not made any mention of the sequel.

O OnScreen contacted Globo and the author Alessandra Poggi, but there was no response. If any of them respond, the note will be updated.

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