Help Ellen move forward with her fight against cancer

let’s talk about the Ellen.THE mother wonderful, cheerful person, party girl who loves to travel, passionate about music, you already know, right? So let’s go to the recent facts, which almost deprived the universe of this shine.

It turns out that, in February, she began to feel very strong, sharp pains, which knocked her down – literally – and took her to the hospital a few times, performing various tests, but no doctor discovered the problem. Even though she was admitted to the Casa de Saúde, no one was able to relate her symptoms to the cancer that afflicts her. And, you know the worst? She was hospitalized twice and still did not know the direction. You must be wondering how this happened?

I’ll explain: even though on the second hospitalization she underwent exploratory surgery, the biopsy showed inconclusive results, because Santa Casa did not ask for Unimed’s authorization (and did not communicate the need for such a procedure). To do the immunohistochemical exam that would bring the result we now know.

Released to go home, she was told to look for an oncologist, but they did not give her a referral. As she was without support, she went to a nutritionist who, having lost a lot of weight, prescribed a supplement to be taken with milk. This resulted in a new symptom (a lot of vomiting) and another trip to the Santa Casa, in order to avoid malnutrition. Amazingly, no positive developments in the picture.

As there are very good people in the world, Ellen won an appointment at a private hospital in São Paulo. This was salvation! It is a fact, because she could have died if the doctor had not admitted her immediately to carry out an examination, which in fact did not have time to be performed, as the tumor was semi-obstructed, requiring emergency surgery.

Remember that inconclusive biopsy? Today we have the grade, name and surname of the tumor, so that the assertive chemotherapy.

That’s why we need to count on you and other good people that we know exist in the world. This treatment at the private hospital, the only one that has guaranteed Ellen’s life, with the constant care she needs thanks to the ileostomy bag and the trilumima probe. Even so, she was affected by another obstruction, causing another hasty surgery – and the monitoring of nutrition so that, when strong enough, she can start chemotherapy, at a high cost, only one of the medications in continuous infusion, called 5FU, generates daily values ​​of BRL 145,075.00.

And we still need to continue the cancer treatmentbecause all this was due to negligence and mistakes that dragged on from February to May.

Today, the chemotherapy she will need is complex and difficult to administer, hence the need to continue in the hospital where she is. Where the bill today (14/06) is around BRL 600,000.00.

If you who know Ellen and can help, we really appreciate it!

But if you still don’t know her, please help! To be able to hear other stories about her, perhaps in a short and healthy future!


Lara Henrique

A mother full of hope

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