High fuel prices: entities and politicians reflect Petrobras’ price readjustment | Economy

  • Petrobras readjusts fuel prices: gasoline rises 5.18%; high for diesel is 14.26%
  • Valdo Cruz: Government analyzes measures to ‘force’ change of command of Petrobras as early as next week

Politicians and entities criticized the readjustment practiced by the company:

“The president of Petrobras has to resign immediately. Not because of my personal will, but because he does not represent the company’s majority shareholder – Brazil – and, worse, works systematically against the Brazilian people in the country’s worst crisis.”

“Petrobras shares collapsed in New York on the day that its products increased. Greatest proof of the corporate inconsistency of acting against an entire country and the controlling shareholder?”

Décio Padilha, president of the National Committee of Secretaries of Finance, Finance, Revenue or Taxation of the States and the Federal District (Comsefaz):

“The real problem is the question of the international price of a barrel of oil, and not the tax. There is no point in zeroing, ending the tax. The problem is conjunctural and cannot be resolved with a structural solution, which is the ICMS that will affect health and education for many years, since 25% of ICMS necessarily goes to education, and at least 2% goes to health, another 25% we have to pass to public policies in the municipalities.”

Ivan Valente (PSOL), federal deputy:

“Drying ice. Gasoline increases 5.2% and diesel 24.2%. To show that there is no ICMS reduction that will help. It only takes more money from education and health. And privatizing Petrobras will explode prices even more. parity with the dollar. People can’t take it anymore.”

Marcelo Labre (PL), federal deputy:

“The fuel issue has already gone beyond the reasonable limit. It is necessary that extreme measures are taken at Petrobras to contain the abuses of the price policy. It has already turned into sabotage.”

Luiz Lima (PL), federal deputy:

“Exaggerated profit for Petrobras in the midst of the world crisis.”

Understand the rise in fuel prices

Understand the rise in fuel prices

In the note announcing the adjustment, Petrobras says that the global energy market is currently in a “challenging situation”, due to the recovery of the world economy and the war in Ukraine.

The state-owned company also points out that “it is sensitive to the moment that Brazil and the world are facing and understands the effects that fuel prices have on the lives of citizens”, and that it has sought to balance its prices with the global market, without the immediate pass-through of the volatility of external prices and exchange rates.

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