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Santander is auctioning 117 properties, 105 of which are residential, with a discount of up to 59% on the market value. Initial bids range from BRL 29,300 to BRL 3.6 million. The auction is on until June 20, at 3 pm, on the Sold Leilões platform. Among the residential options, there is a house in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo.

Houses, apartments, commercial rooms, warehouses, buildings and land are available at auction in 12 states (SP, RJ, MG, PR, RS, BA, CE, PE, SE, GO, AM and PA). Interested parties can apply filters on the Sold Leilões website according to region, city and property value.

Most residential properties are occupied, and this requires care before closing a deal. (see below for cautions when buying real estate at auctions).

Highlights among residential properties

The property with the biggest discount is a house in Buíque (PE), with a minimum bid of R$ 66.3 thousand (59% below the market valuation). Are you busy.

The cheapest property is a house in Cristinápolis (SE), with a minimum bid of R$ 29,300 (57% below the market valuation). It’s unoccupied.

The most expensive property is a house in Capitólio (MG), with a minimum bid of R$ 3.6 million (37% below the market valuation). It’s unoccupied.

On the coast of São Paulo, there is a property available at auction. It is a house in Praia Grande, with a minimum bid of R$ 200.5 thousand (37% below the market valuation). Are you busy.

In Rio, check out these two highlights:

The values ​​quoted in this text refer to initial bids and are constantly changing due to new purchase proposals made online. The values ​​were collected on June 13.

Beware of Occupied Properties

Many properties are occupied. It is up to the buyer to take the measures and bear any expenses for regularization and eviction of the property. Specialists recommend preferentially buying unoccupied properties and give tips, such as reading the notice carefully and visiting the property beforehand, if possible (see this and other tips before buying property at an auction).

Sold Leilões offers legal assistance for the bidder to proceed with the process of vacating the property, but the benefit is only valid for lots that are in the capitals.

Bank finances in up to 420 months

Santander offers the following financing:

  • Residential: Financing of up to 80% of the value of the property in up to 420 months (rate of 9.49% per year).
  • Commercial rooms: Financing of up to 70% of the value of the property in up to 360 months (rate of 9.99% per year).
  • Lots and land: Exclusively on view.

Other conditions must be analyzed according to each public notice. Financing is subject to credit analysis.

For residential properties, it is possible to use the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) as part of the payment. Any IPTU debts (Imposto Predial e Territorial Urbano) and condominium will be settled by the bank until the auction date.

See how to participate

Individuals and legal entities can participate and bid. Simply register the user on the Sold Leilões website, accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to the Terms of the Auction Notice related to the auction.

After registering, the user must request authorization to release their participation and send the required documentation. You can qualify for the auction up to one hour before the closing time of the trading session. For each bid, the limit is the end of the timer (of each lot).

More information:

Santander real estate auction

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