Husband accuses wife of serving noodles with every meal, files for divorce – News

A husband decided to divorce his wife on the grounds that the wife served instant noodles with every meal of the day. The case was recently reported by an Indian judge, identified by the New Indian Express newspaper as ML Raghunath, when commenting on petty-minded couple breakups.

According to the magistrate, the process was accompanied by him when he worked in a court in the city of Ballari, in the south of the country.

“The husband said that the wife didn’t know how to cook anything other than Maggi noodles. [marca do produto]”, said Raghunath, “it was noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

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In addition, every time she returned from the market, the woman brought only instant noodles, the judge reported.

Raghunath referred to the episode as the “Magi affair”, which, according to him, was concluded in a divorce of mutual consent.

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