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I made a Pix for the wrong person.  And now?
Luciano Rocha

I made a Pix for the wrong person. And now?

I went to make a transfer via Pix and got the number wrong. I managed to get in touch with the person who received the amount and asked for a refund, but she didn’t want to return the money. Shouldn’t apps have an undo transfer function? (Mayara Teixeira – Campo Grande)

Lawyer Fernanda Paes Leme explains that Pix is ​​an automatically settled form of payment or transfer of values. It is very important that the consumer checks the key entered and, before confirming the transaction, also check the creditor’s data, which will be presented in your bank’s application. Applications and/or banks are not responsible, as a rule, for the error of the person who carried out the transaction.

“A transaction undo function seems very difficult to me. For, strictly speaking, once the transfer is made, a new inverse transaction would be necessary. A supposed function to undo the transaction would be equivalent to the possibility of a person carrying out a financial transaction on behalf of a third party and without the powers to do so”, explains Fernanda Paes Leme.

In transactions via Pix, consumers need to pay more attention and check the data and information entered more than once, emphasizes lawyer Átila Nunes, from the www.reclamaradianta.com.br service. Service is free by email. [email protected] or by WhatsApp (21) 993289328.

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