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Ronaldo was present at Mineirão, on Wednesday afternoon, and saw up close, once again, the team add three points in Serie B. In front of Ponte Preta, Edu and Matheus Bidu scored to give another victory under the eyes of the boss. In one of the boxes at the stadium, Ronaldo had the unprecedented presence of his son Ronald, was visited by Procópio, champion with the club in 1966, and did not give interviews to the press.

Ronaldo had, on the way to Mineirão, scouts from the Military Police to dribble the chaotic traffic around the stadium. There were more than 58,000 fans in attendance. They entered the stadium through an entrance where there is no contact with fans or the press.

The former striker arrived at the stadium with 10 minutes left for the ball to roll. Phenomenon was surrounded by security guards and accompanied by Ronald, his eldest son, the former steering wheel and his current employee, Elias, in addition to the press officer, Victor Rios, and the CEO Gabriel Lima. Ronaldo went straight to the celestial dressing room along with Ronald, and the others went to the box where they watched the game.

After going to the locker room, Ronaldo went up to the box, and on the way, through the halls of the stadium, he was harassed by fans. He signed autographs and took pictures. Ronald (in white shirt) enters the box after Ronaldo. (see video below)

“Hey, gang, good morning, today is the day. We are going to Mineirão, the first time, will I be a hot foot? We’ll find out later”, posted Ronald on a social network.

Ronaldo accompanied by his son Ronald, and Elias, in one of Mineirão’s cabins — Photo: Staff Images/Cruzeiro

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Ronaldo meets Cruzeiro fans at Mineirão

Ronaldo meets Cruzeiro fans at Mineirão

Still in the first half, Ronaldo left the box for the first and only time. Was fast. Without any problem and approached by only one fan, the Cruzeiro manager quickly returned to the cabin.

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At halftime, an illustrious visit: Procópio Cardoso, Brazilian champion for Cruzeiro in 1966. The idol went to Ronaldo’s box and stayed for about 10 minutes. On his way out, he spoke quickly and exclusively to the report of gecongratulating Ronaldo for rescuing Cruzeiro .

Procópio meets Ronaldo at Mineirão during Cruzeiro game

Procópio meets Ronaldo at Mineirão during Cruzeiro game

– I congratulated him for his performance, for the rescue not only of the team, but of the name Cruzeiro.

– It is fundamental. So I congratulated him. Because you fill Mineirão in a game like Cruzeiro and Ponte, without belittling anyone, but in a pandemic situation, it’s very good. It’s a fantastic rescue.

Ronaldo and Procópio meet at Mineirão during Cruzeiro game – Photo: Mineirão

During the break many fans, including dozens of children, also gathered at the door of the box hoping to get a photo with Ronaldo. Unsuccessfully. The manager did not leave the place, which ended up frustrating some present on the wait. Sérgio Santos Rodrigues, president of Cruzeiro, who was in the next box, also walked where Ronaldo was, at half-time and after the game.

Fans wait at the box door to try to take a photo with Ronaldo — Photo: Laura Rezende/

At the end of the match, a new agglomeration of fans at the cabin door. Ronaldo received some of them inside for photos and autographs, and only left the place after 30 minutes of the end of the match. Once again, harassed and accompanied by many security guards, Ronaldo did not stop to give interviews. Along the way to the elevator, which took him to the stadium parking lot, many selfies and autograph requests.

After Cruzeiro's victory, Ronaldo leaves Mineirão besieged by fans

After Cruzeiro’s victory, Ronaldo leaves Mineirão besieged by fans

Ronaldo remains in Brazil until at least the last week of the month and will split his stay between Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. In the capital of Minas Gerais, he will have commitments related to the club and will closely follow the day to day of Raposa. After the period, he will return to Spain for a family vacation.

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