In Natal, Lula says he is going to “Brazilianize” fuel prices. Watch – 06/16/2022 – News

In a political act promoted in the parking lot of Arena das Dunas, in Natal, on Thursday night (16), former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said that – if elected – he will “Brazilianize” fuel prices in Brazil. The statement is a criticism of Petrobras’ current pricing policy, which maintains the prices of gasoline and other products at par with the dollar, which in part causes the prices to rise.

The PT pre-candidate for the presidency also said that he plans to make app workers have labor rights, such as the right to vacation and the 13th. He explained that he has nothing against the companies that own the applications, but that he had no way of accepting that these workers would remain without rights.

Former President Lula arrived at 6:53 pm in the parking lot of Arena das Dunas for the last public act in Natal, after participating in the meeting of the governors of the Northeast and the Family Agriculture Fair, in the afternoon.

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In his company, the governor Fátima Bezerra (PT) and the ex-governor of São Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, pre-candidate of the PSB for vice president in a composition with the Workers’ Party.

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Fátima Bezerra said in the public act that “the moment the country is going through is so serious”, that it was “necessary for this broader movement of alliances”, which brought Geraldo Alckmin to her side. Inspired by this movement, she justified, with some protests in the crowd, the alliance with MDB and PDT in Rio Grande do Norte, bringing federal deputy Walter Alves to be her future deputy and Carlos Eduardo Alves to run for the Senate.

During the beginning of his speech, Lula called for a minute of silence in the name of freedom, democracy and dignity in honor of the indiginist and English journalist killed in the Amazon. The pre-candidate said that the government will put the people back on the budget and the rich on the income tax. He also stated that he will return to “Brazilianize” the price of gasoline, removing the dollar’s parity on the final price of fuel and that he will create labor standards for operators of applications, such as Uber.

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Even without being too strident, the militancy even hooted at the mention of the names of new MDB and PDT allies and even Geraldo Alckmin. The PSB’s pre-candidate for senator, federal deputy Rafael Motta was applauded.

Federal deputy Walter Alves, pre-candidate for vice on the ticket of Fátima and former senator Garibaldi Alves Filho, pre-candidate for senator of the PDT, Carlos Eduardo Alves and also senator Zenaide Maia and senator João Paul Prates, federal deputy Natália Bonavides and vice governor Antenor Roberto de Medeiros (PC do B), state deputies Francisco from PT and Isolda Dantas (PT), councilors Brisa Bracchi and Divaneide Basílio (PT), PT mayors in five municipalities, among other party representatives .


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