Is your cell phone being watched? Find out how to find out

You spy apps are widely used by cybercriminals who want to steal data or simply by people who want to monitor a user. These malicious tools can also be used by those who want to commit more serious crimes, such as kidnapping and even murder.

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This type of malware is able to obtain important information such as a person’s location, as well as record voice calls and messages exchanged. In possession of this data, many scammers carry out schemes every day.

But is there any way to find out if Is your device being watched? How to detect the presence of a spy app?

How to identify a hacked cell phone?

There are some signs that your device may be being monitored. Meet some of them:

  • Significant increase in mobile data consumption;
  • Unrecognized messages or calls;
  • Option to allow installation of apps from external sources (APK) enabled;
  • Battery discharging quickly;
  • Alerts and notifications opening automatically.

In general, this practice is carried out by people close to them, who install the malicious app with the aim of spying on the victim. In addition to being unethical, this is also criminal behavior.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to keep your cell phone locked and away from people you don’t trust. Another tip is to create a password that only you know, and always be aware of the signs mentioned.

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