“It’s unbelievable. Distracted and disconnected”; Mauro Cezar loses the line and ‘esculacha’ reserve Flamengo


Pulling specifically for the performance in front of Cuiabá, the commentator did not spare negative words in Mais Querido

Photo: Reproduction/Band - Mauro Cezar did not like the player's performance for Flamengo.
Photo: Reproduction/Band – Mauro Cezar did not like the player’s performance for Flamengo.

O Flamengo, after a very complicated period, won again in the Brazilian Championship and took a breath in the classification table, adding 3 points against Cuiabá and relieving the “bar” of Dorival Júnior, who arrived during a tense moment. The team had a safe performance and didn’t give the opponent chances, making 2 to 0 with Ayrton Lucas and Gabigol.

In addition to goal scorers, there was still Arrascaeta who again took responsibility and was highly praised for his new good performance, kicking the ball on the post and giving assistance, apart from having been participative. The bad news was for David Luiz, who came out with an ax right at the beginning of the game, in addition to Bruno Henrique, who had a serious knee injury and may not play anymore this season.

Following this line of the negative question, another reserve that was activated during the game also left a lot to be desired on the field, being criticized by the fans and also by Mauro Cezar Pereirawho did not fail to give his opinion and demonstrate dissatisfaction with what was seen in the 12th round of the Brasileirão.

The commentator, during the program “Bate Pronto” last Thursday (16), said that the Vitinho, which was triggered after BH’s injury, was “off” in many moments of the game. It is worth noting that shirt 11, inclusive, he was even booed by some red-blacks who were present at the stadium:

“There were almost 44,000 people who supported the team throughout the game. There were only moments when they lost a little patience with Vitinho. My God in heaven, what is Vitinho doing? It’s unbelievable. Distracted and disconnected from the game. He took some boos and made a pitch for Éverton Ribeiro. Other than that, she performed very poorly. Clearly, Dorival put Vitinho because he worked with him in 2018 and played well with him in that final stretch of the season”he said, in “Young Pan”.

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