Ivy Moraes and Fernando Borges are eliminated from Power Couple Brasil 6 with 14.99% of the votes – Power Couple Brasil 6

O Power Couple Brazil 6 came to an end for Ivy Moraes and Fernando Borges. The couple was eliminated from the competition on this Thursday’s live program (16) with 14.99% of the votes. They lost the public preference dispute to Adryana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan and Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio in a vote held in R7.com.

Ivy and Fernando embittered a post in the DR for accumulating the lowest balance of the week. Adriana and Albert, in turn, thad the worst performance in the Couples Test. The couple Brenda and Matheus was nominated by vote by opponents.

In reality, the model and the businessman had a trajectory marked by moments of fun and also disappointment. In the first weeks of confinement, the duo of digital influencers showed their extroverted side. be with Ivy telling her stories or with Nando teasing his girlfriend.

At parties, the businesswoman gave herself for real and used to enjoy until the last minute on the dance floor. Even inside the Power Mansion, she was always in the group that stretched a little more fun.

There were also moments of disagreement. The two starred in several discussions in the confinement. Once, they disagreed about a point of view in the game and Fernando fired: “Let me have my opinion”. In another situation, the mining woman was disappointed with her husband’s performance in the tests. He got tired and vented, claiming that Ivy owed him more respect for being her only ally in the dispute.

Friends of most couples, they have always looked for ways to settle intrigues. One morning, after seeing Adryana crying over the dirty dishes, they promptly took over cleaning the sink. “Everyone knows what they’re doing”pointed at the model while washing.

During a fight between Andreia Andrade and Nahim against Brenda Paixão and Matheus Sampaio, Ivy got angry with the influencers and said she was fed up with the couple. “Lack of respect,” shouted the model.which was held by some participants.

In fact, the constant bullshit of the Bretheus couple made the eliminated move away from Brenda, with whom he maintained a friendship. However, after the makeup artist returned from a DR, the two sat down to talk and for a time they got right and kept the peace.

However, the mild climate was short-lived. Ivy and Nandinho — as he was called at the Mansion — felt completely disappointed after Brenda and Matheus voted for Luana Andrade and João Hadad, with whom they created a very strong bond. The couple retaliated by voting and the situation resulted in a big brawl over breakfast.

With ups and downs in the challenges of the program, the mining company and its partner managed to occupy the position of Casal Power after winning the Couples Test. More than that, it was up to them to use the Power Power in which they could take someone out of DR. In the fifth cycle, they saved Michele Passa and Bruno Passa, who chose Cartolou and Gabi Augusto to take the stool in their place. The journalist and the businesswoman were eliminated this time.

Not afraid to play, the two were one of the few couples at the Power Mansion not to turn their backs on Albert and Adryana after so many disagreements between them and the other players. The coexistence was friendly.

During the Break-Power dynamic, the singer even cried when putting Ivy and Nando like a couple they have a lot of affection for. The artist was grateful for having won a comfortable room in the room division from Casal Power.

With a remarkable trajectory, the participation of Ivy and Fernando comes to an end. The couple did not have the public’s preference and was eliminated this Thursday (16).

Under the command of Adriane Galisteu, the Power Couple Brazil 6 airs from Monday to Friday at 10:45 pm; and on Saturdays, at 10:30 pm, on the Record TV. Access the PlayPlus and stay on top of everything that goes on in reality for couples.

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